Let’s have some fun on transit with Brian Butler

We’ve partnered up with Miami-Dade Transit and Public Works and Prism Music Group to shake up the conversation about transit in Miami, everyone’s favorite thing to complain about. Over the next couple months, we’ll be diving deep into the history of our system, what’s happening now, and where the system is headed. Some of it will be serious, some of it will be fun, and all of it will be about what we can do to move people around Miami better.

You’ve probably crossed paths with Brian Butler of The Upper Hand Art, or at least some of his work. If you’ve been to a concert in Miami, there’s a good chance he’s sketched your face into his concert drawings. Go check him out on Instagram — you might be in his sketchbook.

So to get this campaign moving (pun intended), we asked Butler to ride on Miami-Dade Transit and just do his thing. What transit related topics do you want to see us dive into? Holler at us and we’ll holler at MDT. Follow along at #MiamisNeverMovedLikeThis.