Try this: Acroyoga at Summer Fit Fest

TRY THIS: Acroyoga is a mix between acrobatics, yoga, and Thai massage. If you’re new to the practice, there are three basic roles – a base, a flyer, and a spotter.

The base is the person on the bottom, typically with their back to the floor, the flyer is the one who is elevated, and the spotter provides support to the other two during the poses.

WHY TO TRY IT: Personal yoga is more of a solo practice and acroyoga requires at least two people and good communication. “It’s a good way to connect, to develop that trust in yourself and others,” said Anny Noratto, co-owner of AN Yoga Movement. She, along with her husband Nestor Sandoval, will be on hand at Summer Fit Fest to introduce fellow yogis to acroyoga poses and movements.

The duo has been practicing acroyoga together for about four years and encourages anyone interested in trying something new to give it a shot.  

“It’s really interesting how the people change their faces, when they come to a class with all those expectations about ‘I’m so big’, ‘I’m so little,’” Nestor said. “And they finish doing a lot of the stuff and it’s like ‘wow, look, you can do this’. You can challenge yourself a bit more.”

MOST SURPRISING FACT: On top of regular classes and workshops, the couple also organizes week-long international yoga retreats. Recent trips include Costa Rica, Colombia, and Peru. The next retreat takes place in Thailand.

“They come back to know that you need time for yourself, and you need time to reconnect and to disconnect from their daily lives, from the communication and electronics,” Anny said of the travelers’ experiences.   

HOW TO TRY IT: Join Anny and Nestor on Sunday, June 9 in downtown Doral Park for the free Summer Fit Fest. They’ll be there along with other local fitness leaders for a choose-your-wellness adventure filled with group workouts and breakout sessions for all fitness levels and ages. Check out the full schedule and register today.

By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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