U.S. Congress District 27

There are four U.S. congressional seats on the Miami-Dade County ballot and we’ve chosen to focus on three of those races. And as we did in our August voter guide, we’ve got info on the candidates for the District 27 race. The primaries narrowed the race down to independent candidate Mayra Joli and the two frontrunners: Democrat Donna Shalala and Republican Maria Elvira Salazar.

Based on the questions you had for the candidates, and factoring in some relevant topics, we sent questionnaires to the candidates and asked them questions about the following issues: the environment, criminal justice reform, gun control, the economy, healthcare, Puerto Rico, and immigration.

Thanks to readers Vanessa Haim and Marianna Yerak, and others who submitted questions anonymously.

Mayra Joli is an independent candidate for U.S. Congress District 27.

Maria Elvira Salazar is the Republican candidate for U.S. Congress District 27.

Donna Shalala is the Democratic candidate for U.S. Congress District 27.