Weekend Happy Haps, August 5 to 7

A wise man (or perhaps it was Melania Trump) once said, “It’s the freakin’ weekend, baby. I’m about to have me some fun.”  We concur, oh wise one. It’s time to throw off the shackles of the daily grind. Here are our top picks for shenanigans:

Friday, Aug. 5

Concept 6o9 Galleria Presents Marcus Blake: Local legendary artist/poet Marcus Blake unveils his new artwork at Concept 6o9 Galeria. Known for his unique geometric shapes on display throughout Little Haiti, Little River, and Overtown, we’re pretty stoked to see what he’s been keeping up his sleeve. 

Vibe Tribe Weekly Beach Gathering : This weekly intimate gathering of kindred spirits is a sacred space for coming together, building community, and celebrating life and its abundant blessings. Vibe Tribe is a staple of North Beach life and we are all about the good energy they are putting out. We sure do need it.

Midtown Oyster Fest: If your girl has been ignoring you a bit lately, you might want to take her to this since they will be serving up these natural aphrodisiacs by the boatload. It’s all-you-can-eat oysters for $25 and you can wash it down with a $2 La Rubia from Wynwood Brewing. Even if you don’t get lucky, you still get lucky.

giphy (58)

Wynwood Piano Bar – International Beer Day: OK, we’ll admit, we like to sing loud and off key when we’re a little drunk. Especially if it’s 90s jams. But at this event that kind of behavior is not only tolerated, but encouraged. Celebrate International Beer Day with $5 drafts at Wynwood Piano Bar and sing along without being judged.

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Saturday, Aug. 6

Ride Om at the Confidante Hotel: Not gonna lie, we have no idea what  Hydrorider Aqua Cycle is, but it sounds hella fun. And we are certainly down for some beach yoga at the Confidante. We are all about some zen vibes, so this is right up our alley. Namaslay.

We/Code: Women’s Weekend: The future is written in code, so learning these badass skills is major key. This is a FREE intensive two-day workshop for the ladies who want to learn to code. This is pretty incredible, considering it’s taught by the kickass folk at Ironhack. If being a lady boss in the tech world is the goal, this is a damn good start.

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Day La Soul: “When they reminisce over you, my god.” There was NOTHING like the hip hop music we had in the 90s and early 2000s. TLC. Missy Elliot. OutKast. Biggie. That was when hip-hop was golden, sacred, and real. This rooftop party is an homage to the glory years of hip hop in all its colorful, thick, gold-chained glory. 

giphy (67)

The Papercut Princess’ Rolling Party: Real talk, this will probably be the most lit party of the weekend. This late-night roller skate party is in celebration of Origami’s ‘The Papercut Princess EP’ release. Our favorite local ladies POORgrrrl and Virgo will also be performing. Strap on some skates, enjoy the tunes, and turn up. 

giphy (68)

Deep Funk: Our boy Arun Brown, legendary vinyl DJ, is bringing you Loose Joints Presents Deep Funk. That means it’s gonna be some heavy hitting funk and bboy classics all night long. It’s been a long week. Sweat it out at Gramps.

giphy (69)

Downward With Your Dog: How cute would it be to get your dog to do yoga poses with you? Can you imagine?! Well this is it. Grab your best friend and yoga mat and reward your fur baby for always being loyal.

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Sunday, Aug. 7

The Underline Cycling Club: They say the family that cycles together, stays together. OK, maybe they don’t say that exactly. But it’s a really awesome ways for the whole family to do something healthy, fun, and adventurous. Discover the city and help them transform the underutilized land below Miami’s Metrorail into a 10-mile linear park and living art destination directly connected to transit. Pretty kickass cause, in our opinion. 

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The Love Movement: Sundays are a mixture of clinging to the last vestiges of the weekend and mentally preparing for all the junk Monday will bring. Give the weekend a proper farewell with this dope party at R House Wynwood. Indoor reggae lounge and outdoor party vibes will help ease you into the week ahead.

Reel Creative Cinema: The Design District is giving you a free weekend-long film festival. Catch American Gigolo and Films of City Frames: Frames of Life Short” in the beautiful Palm Court. It’s a chill way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon before the chaos begins. And because young Richard Gere is everything.

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Enjoy your weekend, Miami. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do (unless it looks really, really fun. Then you have our permission to go for it). And remember to tag us in your photos of all weekend shenanigans. Makes us feel closer to you, but not in a weird way.