Weekend Happy Haps, July 22 to 24

It’s been a long, intense week and we need a breather. We know you do too, so we’ve rounded up some dope events for you this weekend, whether you need to chill, recharge, or catch some Pokemon. We gotchu.

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Friday, July 22

Pokemon Go Happy Hour along #TheUnderline: The Pokemon hysteria continues, but this time there’s alcohol involved. If a bunch of grown-ass adults are going to be running around for hours attempting to catch fictional digital creatures, they may as well be drinking and checking out the super cool Underline. 

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Miami Summer Jam: The Miami Summer Jam is a chance to vibe with artists, DJs, bloggers, musicians, and radio personalities from all over South Florida at the Little Haiti Cultural Center 

Saturday, July 23

Miami In An Island/ Tropical Pop-Up Dance Party: More dancing, less hate. This traveling dance party is quickly becoming one of our favorite things on the weekend. It’s always a great time with amazing people and equally stellar tunes. This time it will be at your hipster boyfriend’s favorite bar, Gramps. 

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Overtown Music & Arts Festival: There is much more to Overtown than people think. Come celebrate the rich cultural heritage that has come out of this historic part of the city at the festival, where its music, arts and culture will be on display. 

Black Girls CODE Miami: Not only do Black girls SLAY but they also CODE. Join in on this amazing conversation and connect with some inspirational women of color in STEM.

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Pokemon Go Pub Crawl: If you still haven’t gotten your Pokemon fix, here you go. Start at Wood Tavern and wander the streets of Wynwood in search of those elusive little creatures. Oh, and get a little wasted. Duh. 

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Sunday, July 24th

Miami Girls Rock Camp Grand Finale Showcase: This weeklong camp for girls ages 8 to 17 teaching them to embrace their inner Joan Jett, Karen O, or Grace Jones is ending with a bang. Come out and see the showcase of these future lady bosses in the music biz! 

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Backyard BBQ w. Justise Winslow: Dang Ms. Cheezious! Just when we thought you couldn’t get any better with those next-level grilled cheese sandwiches, you get one of our favorite Heat players to come hang out and DJ Kumi to bring the jams.   

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Happy weekend, Miami. Get out of your comfort zone and go exploring with your fam. There’s plenty of fun and mayhem on the horizon. And as always, tag us in your photos for the weekend. We like to know what kind of trouble our tribe is getting into. ?