What are your questions about Allapattah?

Allapattah is an older neighborhood in Miami and, like nearby Wynwood, was home to a concentration of warehouses and industrial facilities for clothing makers and the textile industry.

The neighborhood has been a longtime home for Miami’s Dominican community along with folks from other Caribbean and Central American countries. Something else the neighborhood shares with nearby Wynwood is increasing development interest and gentrification spilling over from the bustling arts district.

And beyond development there are plenty on eyes on Allapattah as the neighborhood is part of Miami’s District 1 heading into the city’s November election season. Seven candidates are running for Commissioner Willy Gort’s open seat.

Now we’re looking to explore the neighborhood.

After asking you all to vote on one of three choices for the question we’ll dive into in Allapattah, we have a winner:

“What’s the story behind Camillus House and how did Miami settle on this area for such a concentration of hospitals?”

That question from Kevin Almassian won by exactly one vote! And here’s our answer to Kevin’s question.