What are your questions about Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood?

Little Haiti is the heart and soul of South Florida’s Haitian American community. Even as the community has spread to North Miami, Broward County, and stretches of northern and southern Miami-Dade it remains the home of beloved cultural landmarks like the Notre Dame d’Haiti Catholic Church and the Little Haiti Cultural Complex.

In the past decade, longtime locals have worked to maintain that cultural identity as the neighborhood has become a major target for both commercial and residential development. Residents and activists are fighting to keep gentrification at bay while also fighting against blight and working to keep small business alive.

With all of the focus on the area, we’re taking a look at Little Haiti but want to hear from you all.

What questions do you have about Little Haiti’s history, culture, or character? Whether its seeking information on an over-looked part of the neighborhood, or a deeper dive into a more well-know topic. We’re all ears.

Voting is now closed and our winning question from Michael Mercury Pearson is: “How can we collectively ensure that Little Haiti culture and character is not endangered with the expeditiously expanding (prohibitively) expensive development and rising cost of living?”

Head here for the answer.