What issues affect North Beach?

North Beach is at a pivotal moment right now. A master plan for the neighborhood, the first in Miami Beach to truly address sea level rise, is almost done and prices are soaring, threatening longtime residents who make North Beach what it is today. One thing is certain: North Beach five years from now will be pretty different from the North Beach of today.

Nothing’s going to stop change from coming to North Beach, but it’s still TBD what that’s going to look like. We asked developers, residents, and preservationists to weigh in.

Sea level rise is going to be a hot topic at the Chamber of Commerce's conference next week. Here's a sneak peek.

It's one of the first master plans in Miami to explicitly account for sea level rise. The pressure is on to prove the neighborhood can adapt.

It's got something to do with Cold War submarines.

North Beach's MiMo apartment buildings are a bit rundown, but longtime residents can afford them — at least until rising seas begin lapping at the door.