What issues are affecting Downtown Miami?

With countless businesses and a growing residential population, Downtown Miami is in the midst of a transformation. There’s a lot to keep track of. Traffic congestion, homelessness, and sea level rise are just some of the challenges Downtown is facing. We’ve delved deep into the issues that matter to Downtowners.

It's time for the most loved — and hated — event of the year, Miami! As you prepare to dance your face off or flee the city, check out this fast facts graphic on Ultra Music Festival's history, economic impact, and some tips in case you plan to brave Bayfront Park this weekend.

It’s more than just environmentalists fighting for Miami’s survival. Thousands are coming together to demand real solutions to the looming threat of climate change.

The struggle is real. One study says that Miami drivers can expect to lose an extra 47 hours on the road per year, and almost a thousand dollars in extra costs because of gridlock. Transit advocates, agencies and elected officials weigh in on what it will take to fix Miami traffic problems.

How local groups are turning a parking lot into Dan Paul Park, at least for a day.

The Rev. Grey Maggiano, a priest at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, explains what it's like to help people get off the streets, and how we might move forward to better care for Miami homeless people.