Where can I find training and new skills?

Johanna Mikkola of Wyncode says there are more than 500,000 open computing jobs in the country due to an absence of trained developers, and that number will grow to more than 800,000 by 2020.

These projects and organizations provide technology training, coding classes, and other skills to help Miamians thrive in a new technology economy. What would you like to see on this list? Let us know.

AngelList Miami

AngelList was started in 2010 as a platform for startups around the world to raise money, recruit talent and apply to incubators online. It features an extensive job board that connects job seekers with startups.

What they do: Fundraising and jobs
Website: Visit Here

Code Fever

Learning coding skills is just step one with Code Fever, which integrates business and entrepreneurial training alongside tech skills. The group works to provide underserved minority 13- to 21-year-olds with the skills and inspiration they need to code and create new technologies in their communities. The program provides students with access to hardware, mentors, technical and business training, and ongoing support.

What they do: Classes and school programs
Website: Visit Here
Phone: 305-482-1832
Address: 350 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach

EcoTech Visions

From its office in North Miami, EcoTech Visions is working to build a “green corridor” through a business incubator and accelerator helping local entrepreneurs launch environmentally-focused businesses and products. The incubator offers green startups workspace, mentorship, and support for light manufacturing. EcoTech also runs externship and fellowship programs for local students.

What they do: Classes, venue, and events
Website: Visit Here
Phone: (305) 224-9461
Address: 667 N.W. 90th St., Miami

FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios

The Miami Beach Urban Studios aims to engage the community in art, design, and performance while allowing students the opportunity to study in an artistic urban center. By working within the heart of Miami Beach, students have access to a number of arts organizations and performance spaces.  The CARTA Innovation Lab at the Miami Beach Urban Studios is also home to 30 3D printers and three 3D scanners, making FIU the only school in the country to host a MakerBot Innovation Lab. 

What they do: School program
Website: Visit Here
Phone: 305.348.7500
Address: 420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach

Girl Develop It

With women holding only 26% of the of the approximately 4 million computer-related occupations in the U.S., Girl Develop is creating a safe environment with affordable program options for women who want to learn web and software development. The nonprofit organization is on a mission to help women around the world increase their career opportunities and gain confidence in their abilities. All training materials are made by the Girl Develop It community, with teaching programs that include Javascript, HTML, CSS, web concepts, and GitHub.

What they do: Classes and mentorship
Website: Visit Here

Girls Who Code

Miami’s Girls Who Code is a local chapter of a larger national non-profit organization working to close the gender gap in professions in technology and engineering. It also features Club Programs that teach local girls in 6th through 12th grade computer science skills. Their seven-week Immersion Program offers skills, exposure, and mentorship for women in the tech field.

What they do: Classes and school programs
Website: Visit Here


While it has two offices in Spain, Ironhack has also made its mark in Miami through its hands-on, in-person training courses for coders of all levels. Students can learn some of the most in-demand skills from industry-leading professionals through its bootcamps for web development and iOS. Throughout its courses, participants work on a project, which they can pitch during Demo Day.

What they do: Classes, Job placement
Website: Visit Here
Phone: 305-907-7086
Address: 120 S.W. 8th St., Miami


At a time when companies are actively seeking tech talent, LaunchCode is on a mission to share coding skills with driven individuals who are looking to change their lives, be it bouncing back from unemployment, choosing a different career path, or breaking the low-wage job cycle. The non-profit company is hoping to help students translate those skills into a job by creating a path that sets them up for opportunities for apprenticeships and jobs with local businesses and companies.

What they do: Classes, mentorship, and job placement
Website: Visit Here

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

While many tech training programs focus on programming outside the school, NFTE works with teachers at high-need schools to help them engage low-income students in entrepreneurship. The curriculum uses a mix of in-class teaching, hands-on activities, field trips and experiential learning to help students gain new skills and envision a future in entrepreneurship. Through a partnership with Miami-Dade County Schools, the South Florida program has served more than 24,000 students since 2006.

What they do: School programs
Website: Visit Here
Phone: 888-896-7776 ext.5000
Address: 300 N.E. 2nd Ave., Bldg. 8, Suite 8501, Miami

The Idea Center at Miami-Dade College

As the largest public college in the United States, MDC has a unique opportunity for trying new things at educational scale. The Idea Center is a cross-sector project offering entrepreneurship education and experiential learning for students to learn and practice business innovation. The program offers a degree in entrepreneurship, specialized courses on topics like coding and digital marketing, and support for students interested in launching businesses. The Idea Center also hosts regular events and talks from entrepreneurial leaders.

What they do: Classes, venue, and events
Website: Visit Here
Phone: 305-237-7807
Address: 315 N.E. 2nd Ave., Bldg. 8, 5th floor, Miami

Venture Hive Miami

Through its accelerator and incubator programs, this entrepreneurial and educational firm promotes the growth of startups in some of Miami’s strongest industries. Venture Hive uses three levels of engagement to energize and cultivate entrepreneurs from around the world and grow the regional economic impact of those ventures in Miami. It also offers Venture Prep and Venture U to encourage innovation among students at high school and university levels.

What they do: Venture capital
Website: Visit Here
Phone: 305-735-1274
Address: 1010 N.E. 2nd Ave., Miami

Wyncode Academy

For those looking to work in South Florida’s growing technology sector, the nine-week training course at Wyncode is structured to teach coding with industry-leading concepts in a practical, hands-on setting. Wyncode is an all-inclusive group that encourages people of different ages, backgrounds, careers, and perspectives to become successful coders. The final project for each training course involves creating a real-world web application for a local nonprofit or business. Wyncode connects participants with local businesses and start-ups for job placement and boasts a 91% overall placement rate, with 84% staying in Miami.

What they do: Classes, Jobs
Website: Visit Here
Phone: 305-720-2422
Address: 400 N.W. 26th St, Miami