Work giving you back pain? Here’s how this Miamian is working to improve her posture

We asked New Tropic readers to tell us one wellness goal they’re trying to reach, and then we chose six of them to pair with fitness and wellness experts across the 305 who are helping them achieve those goals.

The catch? Each challenger has to keep us updated on their progress and share all their best tips and advice along the way. Our hope is everyone in our community can learn from the advice experts give our challengers.

So help us in cheering on each of our challengers. Here’s one of those brave Miamians:

Cecelia Smith

Wellness goal: To improve posture and overall mental and physical wellness.

Why she wants to achieve it: “What else is out there that could help remind me to be better about looking away from the computer, getting up and moving around, sitting up straight, so that I don’t just go home and flop into a puddle.”

Her wellness expertAdrian Simo, the owner of Simo Massage Therapy.

Update #1
We asked Cecelia: Does reaching your wellness goal feel impossible to you? Why or why not? What’s the first step you’re taking to try and reach it?

“The first step I’m taking is trying to remember to stretch multiple times a day. No, it doesn’t feel impossible because I know essentially what I need to do, I just need the reminders and mindfulness to actually do it.”

Update #2
We asked Cecelia: What’s one thing you tried to do this week to reach your goal? What did you learn?

“This week has been about self-care for me, and re-shaping my routine to set myself up for a better day. I do either a 20 minute yoga video focused on opening the shoulders and back and waking up the core, or I do some back strengthening exercises with light weight or a band. Nothing crazy! I don’t even break a sweat, and I’m usually in my PJ’s, but it gets my muscles going before I head to work and sit at my desk. I’m also getting better at remembering to do neck stretches and seated twists at work throughout the day. ”

She also shared some links to tips on leg exercises and hip stretches!

We’ll keep updating this page with #realtalk from Cecelia and tips from Adrian. Want to share some advice that’s worked well for you? Leave it in the comments!

By Lance Dixon
Lance is the Storytelling Producer for The New Tropic