You can have your ice cream and eat it too

There’s always room for ice cream.

Lincoln Road has all types of flavors, textures, and ways of making ice cream. In fact, every block on Lincoln Road has an ice cream shop.

We checked two shops with very different takes on this frozen treat, but both show their Miami pride and are happy to be on Lincoln Road.

What’s your flavor? Pick from one of the 100+ options.


The Frieze is a family-owned business that opened its doors back in 1987. They specialize in all-natural ice cream and sorbets and have over 100 flavors on their menu. Even vegans can choose between 40 different options.   

Hit the road and take a frozen Frieze container to go.

When the shop first opened, it was located in the Art Deco District on 5th Avenue and Ocean Drive before moving to its location on Lincoln Road. Its name was inspired by this historical architectural style that defines South Beach. Frieze is a decorative detail or structure on temples or buildings usually found in some Art Deco designs.

Every 4th of July, The Frieze celebrates its anniversary with a special offer. This year they turned 31-years-old, so every first scoop cost 31 cents.  

From watermelon to regular vanilla, this iconic shop has a flavor for everyone.  

Once you add cereal as a topping, ice cream is a breakfast food.


A few steps away, you can find a Taiwan-inspired dessert at Mr. Bing. The Instagram-worthy dessert is a mix of traditional ice cream and shaved ice mixed with sweet and colorful toppings. Plus, you need a fork to eat it.

The different flavor ice cream cylindrical blocks must be stored at a -10 degree freezer in order to be shaved down to paper-thin sheets. Sprinkle on a number of toppings and the final product can become a visual masterpiece.

Inside Mr. Bing you can take a selfie with a photo of Drake taking a selfie in front of the Mr. Bing food truck.

Before Mr. Bing had a permanent home on Lincoln Road, they delivered their ice-cold treats in on a food truck. You can spot their food truck in Drake’s “God’s Plan” Miami-filled music video (jump to 3:33) that was released earlier this year.

If this didn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t fret. You can literally find an ice cream around almost every corner on Lincoln Road. Perhaps an ice cream crawl is in your future?  

Some others to check out:

  • Ben & Jerry’s
  • Dylan’s Candy Bar
  • Gelateria 4D
  • Haagen Dazs
  • Yogen Fruz

No matter what type of frozen treat you are craving on Lincoln Road, just be sure to grab a couple of extra napkins. That Miami sun will fight you for the last bite of ice cream.    

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