Zero-waste thinking

Miami is making waves with the 2018 launch of the “Miami is Not Plastic” campaign.  The collaborative initiative aims to inspire hospitality businesses to reduce single-use disposable plastic and join the global movement to clean up our oceans and save marine life.  CIC Miami started a journey to rid themselves of single-use disposable plastic by working with  Lean Orb, a CIC client focused on eco-packaging. Lean Orb’s products like disposable wood cutlery and eco-friendly paper straws are biodegradable and made from renewable materials. Here are a few highlights about the zero-waste focused company:

On a mission: Led by CEO & founder Anastasia Mikhalochkina, Lean Orb creates alternatives to plastic and styrofoam tableware and works with companies to provide education and training on the importance of reducing plastic waste in offices. They use renewable bamboo to create natural cutlery and the waste from processing sugarcane stalks to manufacture plates, bowls, and to-go containers.  

98% plastic free: After working with Lean Orb, CIC reduced daily use of plastic in their kitchens to become 98% plastic free. They switched from disposable plastic cups to paper and ditched plastic coffee stirrers.  

Join the club: You’ve probably already noticed some of your favorite spots around town — like Bacardi, The Wynwood Yard, Gramps, The Rusty Pelican, and Club Space — have stopped serving drinks with plastic straws. Find out more about how to eliminate plastic straws from our oceans and learn how you can help in your neighborhood at The Last Plastic Straw campaign website.

Teamwork makes the dream work: CIC believes that Miami companies must care about our environment and make sustainable decisions. That’s why CIC works with forward-thinking entrepreneurs like Lean Orb and others within the life sciences, technology, and other sectors and hosts recurring programming, advising, and community-building initiatives with partner organizations to improve sustainability and resiliency in our city. Check out more on CIC’s work in the environment and sustainability on their blog.   

RSVP today: CIC is hosting its two-year anniversary celebration to showcase its impact and mission, focusing on several themes they feel are important, including sustainability.  Come celebrate, learn and engage around topics that are important for our city, and share some cheers over CIC’s role in growing Miami.


By The New Tropic Creative Studio
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