Locals to know: Kennashka Davis is making a difference for Miami women in tech

Today’s Locals to Know feature is sponsored by MDC Tech— a new initiative that unifies all of MDC’s tech programs into a streamlined, accessible curriculum for locals seeking degrees, dual enrollments, or just looking to expand their skill set. Visit the MDC Tech website to see how they are preparing Miami’s tech talent for the […]

/ March 21, 2022

Miami startup delivers and refills the perfect pantry, milkman-style – easy and sustainably

Meet: The Rounds, Miami’s first zero-waste delivery pick up and refill service. You’ll want to jump in on this. The Rounds is one of those new superstar startups that has just come to Miami. Not only is The Rounds a first for us, but it’s an environmentally friendly first – it’s Miami’s first zero-waste delivery-refill […]

/ March 10, 2022

How Wynwood BID Transformed Its Titular Neighborhood Into an International Art Destination

Wynwood didn’t become the beating heart of Miami’s art scene overnight. Its evolution into an open-air celebration of creativity was spurred largely by the Wynwood Business Improvement District (otherwise known as Wynwood BID, or more simply, the BID).  Wynwood was a very different place in both looks and reputation before the BID channeled its efforts […]

/ November 13, 2021

Manny Gonzalez shares how Wynwood BID helped make Miami’s iconic art neighborhood what it is today

Join us for a roundtable chat next week with Manny and the executive directors for the Lincoln Road BID and Coconut Grove BID. RSVP to join. Let’s say you’re a small, bustling neighborhood in Miami and you want to — no, need to — grow and progress without sacrificing your unique artistic and industrial character along […]

/ November 1, 2021

Technology companies that help the Magic City – and one is homegrown

The New Tropic has an update on what some start-up tech companies that debuted in Miami five years ago are still doing to help the Magic City. They are still going strong, and one of them, Coastal Risk Consulting, is not only home grown, but after the Surfside Condo building tragedy, just that much more […]

/ July 17, 2021

This Miamian started an eye-popping greeting card shop

Julie Brumlik, founder of Open Card Now, traveled across Asia and found the inspiration to bring 3D pop-up cards to Miami.

/ July 12, 2021

Locals to Know: Lolo Reskin talks Sweat Records’ Sweet 16 and more

Sweat Records owner co-founder Lolo Reskin spoke with The New Tropic about the Miami music hub’s 16th birthday, its history, and what comes next.

/ March 11, 2021

Locals to Know: Florencia Franceschetti on making it in Miami

Hustling as an independent creative was hard before the pandemic hit – thriving in the wake of it is nothing short of miraculous. But that’s just what Florencia Franceschetti has managed to do. Here’s her story.

/ February 26, 2021

Made by hand with love

On a shelf in the bakery section of Whole Foods, there’s a package of baklava with a label that reads “Prepared with Love by Syrian Refugee Women in Miami.” The journey of getting that baklava on that shelf was a long one led by Christa Tawil, a Syrian refugee who started Zaytouna Foods in 2017. […]

/ January 14, 2021

Small Biz Spotlight: Baguette Plus

Every Tuesday, we want to shout out one of your favorite small businesses around the greater Miami area.  Let us know who you want to see featured at [email protected].  Names: Leandro “Leo” & Sasha Di Lorenzo Business: Baguette Plus Baking Co. Address: No storefront – yet 😉!  Offer deliveries in Miami-Dade & parts of Broward […]

/ May 5, 2020