Neighborhood Guides

Our neighborhood guides help you explore Miami’s many neighborhoods, from South Beach to Hialeah, Little Haiti to South Dade. We’ve got locals’ secret spots for the best vaca frita (or tacos, empanadas, griot, or corned beef on rye, depending), our favorite places to knock back a few or grab a craft cocktail, hundreds of hidden things to explore, and stories about history, local issues, and the people who are making Miami’s neighborhoods what they are. Go explore!
We’ll never get tired of hearing Barry Jenkins talk about making Moonlight in Miami

Here he is at the Golden Globes, telling the world why it mattered to make the film here.

Shocker: Miami-Dade women get paid less than men.

Even though they’re better educated.

Miss Debbie is Miami’s happiest baker. And her key lime pies are insanely delicious.

To get the best key lime pie in South Florida, you don’t have to hit the Keys – you only have to go as far as Homestead. What used to be an unassuming building off South Dixie Highway now bursts with bright color that matches the vibrant personality of Sweet Delights Bakery owner Miss Debbie herself. […]

Shakes, Scorpion Shots, and Star Fruit Wine

If you’ve been itching for scorpion shots or star fruit wine, South Dade has got you.