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Little Haiti unfiltered

Join local photographer Alain Pierre-Louis on a visual journey through Little Haiti. From rara to punk rock, Vodou to Catholic mass, he’s exploring the one Miami neighborhood he’s never been able to resist. Read more.

Big history of Little Haiti

To know Little Haiti, you need to look further than Miami. From a group of slaves overthrowing their masters to form a new country, to community leaders coming together to form a new neighborhood, Little Haiti’s roots stretch way back. Read more.

Meet Coconut Grove’s “original micro-influencer”

Photo provided by Karla Rima Learn more about The Rounds, Miami’s first zero-waste delivery-refill service, featuring pantry staples and local favorites Who are you? I’m a local, a parent, an activist, a forward thinker and a seeker of all things fun and educational! What professional and/or volunteer work do you do? I split my days wearing […] Read more.

How to get in on the action of the Miami Grand Prix

🏎️ All About the Miami Grand Prix By Grace DeWitt Start your engines, Miami. It’s Friday, and race weekend has finally arrived. The entirety of my Formula 1 fandom consists of attending the fan festival in Downtown Miami back in 2018. As someone who knows basically nothing about the sport, I can still confidently say it’s a […] Read more.