Seeking 100 great ideas for transit

On Monday, the third iteration of #100greatideas, a project to collaboratively solve some of Miami’s biggest challenges, kicked off with a new issue in mind — transit and mobility.

Rebecca Fishman-Lipsey of Radical Partners, a social innovation accelerator, started the first #100greatideas social media campaign when the county government looked to cut libraries’ hours and services to save money. Hundreds of Miamians offered more than 150 ideas in just 10 days, which were then shared with local officials, who were eager to implement many of the plans and to seek out more suggestions.

This iteration of the campaign invites all Miamians to contribute their best ideas, big or small, to improve transit and mobility in Miami. Just use the #100greatideas hashtag or post in its Facebook group to join the conversation.

Here are 10 of our favorite ideas so far:

Real-time tracking

“Reliable real-time GPS tracking for all buses and transit options (the Trolley GPS system is a little spotty) would be a good start. Predictability is a critical decision factor for people evaluating transit options. The goal should be to give people tools that make transit more efficient and connect them to their destination, while minimizing uncertainty and waiting.

Bus stops should be access points, not waiting areas. Using limited resources to upgrade bus stops is laudable, but isn’t tackling the real problem: Why are people waiting at a stop 20-30 minutes for a bus in the first place?”

— Josh Sproat

Widespread Wi-Fi

Crosswalk upgrades

When I served on the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization‘s Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), I proposed a resolution to have ‘zebra’ style crosswalks for all intersections in Miami. (No more of the ‘standard’ style parallel lines as crosswalks; they’re confusing for motorists and don’t adequately validate the presence of pedestrians). It was dismissed by others as either (a) too expensive or (b) as putting too heavy a burden on the County’s Public Works Dept. In fact, it’s really just some more buckets of paint, and could be a phased effort implemented strategically from the core to the periphery over a couple years — not too expensive or burdensome at all.

— Matthew Toro

Get into re-zoning

Beach accessibility

I would love to see this done.

— Ivonne Perez Suarez‎

Really research the ride

Overhauling routes and rider incentives

I think we need to redesign our current bus system to make the service more frequent and widespread. At the same time, there needs to be a campaign to help convert people to mass transit (even monetary incentives). We need to be willing to leave our cars behind and embrace alternative sources of transportation.

— Camila Souza

Markets at the Metrorail

Here’s my idea #1. Allow for innovative public spaces where people can formally set up a farmer’s market. Think pop up but in public.
Goal: Bring life to the streets.

Hector Roos

Pedestrian power

Ferry fever

Regular ferries between mainland and the beach — not just a $35 UberBoat during Basel.

— Aileen Leigh