With Lil Greenhouse Grill, Overtown is now open for dinner

And it’s serving a lot more than soul food.lil

/ May 18, 2017

An Asian-American’s guide to Asian food in Miami, part 2

Because Part 1 couldn’t cover it all.

/ May 15, 2017

Radiate Miami is changing the city culture by changing the culture in your gut

Miami’s riding a wellness wave – and entrepreneurs like Susan Duprey are getting on it.

/ May 10, 2017

Knaus Berry Farm comes to dinner

Knaus Berry Farm sells a lot more than cinnamon rolls and strawberries. So Thomas Blocher, co-owner, went out and found a chef to help him prove it.

/ May 9, 2017

At Madruga Bakery, amazing bread takes just four ingredients

For owner Naomi Harris, it’s all about the flour.

/ May 2, 2017

Mustard Seed Project rehabilitates former inmates through community farming

The community program helps former inmates replace histories of substance abuse with sustainable urban farm practices.

/ April 27, 2017

That time we got to eat pakoras on Chef Niven Patel’s farm

A few of you came to explore Chef Niven Patel’s farm with us last weekend. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

/ April 26, 2017

Greathouse Gourmet is using FIU’s food incubator to “spread” Jamaican love

Greathouse Gourmet’s founder is the quintessential South Florida entrepreneur with an amazing product that just needs a little push for a huge breakthrough.

/ April 18, 2017

A farm-to-table Indian restaurant is coming to Miami. Here’s a tour of the farm.

We toured Chef Niven Patel’s backyard farm in Homestead ahead of the opening of Ghee Indian Kitchen. There are mangoes, lychee, and all kinds of herbs, and we just can’t wait any longer.

/ April 10, 2017

March Madness: Miami Eats, the votes are in

We’re at the final round. Here’s how we got there.

/ April 3, 2017