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🎁 The 2023 New Tropic holiday gift guide

🌴 Distinctly Miami gifts Make your cafecito routine more sustainable and sophisticated by upgrading to a six-piece porcelain set by 305Vibe, recommended by Alberto S. If cafecito’s not your thing (😱), there are plenty of other great Miami gifts sold by 305Vibe. If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, Yuval O. suggests visiting the Official Art Deco Gift Shop on Ocean Drive to pick […]

/ December 12, 2023

🕺 Meet us on the dance floor

Medium Cool, courtesy of the venue 🕺 People are measuring Miami’s maturation as a city by counting cranes and Michelin stars. I think a diversifying nightlife is yet one more measure. Though I still enjoy the very occasional night out that at some point includes me and the entire room belting out “ELLA ES CALLAÍTA” at […]

/ June 9, 2023

Choose your own adventure in North Miami

☕️ Start the day with a morning buzz… at Café Crème. The European feel of the French bakery and bistro extends to the outdoors with seating on the MOCA Plaza. …or Alaska Coffee Roasting Co. which, as the name might suggest, started with a sister shop in Fairbanks. Their coffee is roasted, ground and brewed […]

/ April 28, 2023

😂 How to tap into Miami’s comedy scene

Photo courtesy of The Comedy Inn I get the sense the average Miamian doesn’t think of Miami as having a comedy scene. Sure, we may not be New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, but if I’ve learned one thing in this job, it’s that we have way more comedy going on than meets the eye! […]

/ February 22, 2023

How to spend all day in Allapattah

You may only know Allapattah as home to Miami’s healthcare hub, the former home of Miami Stadium, or perhaps you have the neighborhood confused for the west end of Wynwood. There’s so much more to understand, see, and do, and I hope today’s newsletter serves as a good starting point. Let’s dive in! ☕️ Start […]

/ February 16, 2023

The 2022 New Tropic Holiday Gift Guide

Courtesy of Herb Neufeld/Flickr Creative Commons 🏝️ Gifts for the beach-goer or boater Valerie S. is the Miami mom behind Joju, a new line of ultra-light, super-soft sun shirts manufactured in Hialeah. “Our mission is to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably,” says Valerie. Rachel S. recommends a fouta — a Tunisian […]

/ December 9, 2022

Local Biz Spotlight on Mindy Solomon Gallery

Produced for Mindy Solomon Gallery by The New Tropic Creative Studio Where can Miami find you? How long have you been in business?  In Allapattah, at 848 NW 22nd Street. Mindy Solomon Gallery opened 13 years ago. What does your gallery do, how do you do it, and why? Mindy Solomon Gallery specializes in contemporary […]

/ September 14, 2022

Honoring Samuel: Collecting soil from his lynching site

Palm Beach County Community Remembrance Project Committee: Pictured (l-r) front: Amit Sawant, Talmedge Hayes, Barbara Cheives, Jordan Smith, Josephine Gon, Gregg K. Weiss, Maria Sachs, Dorritt M. Miller, Kimberly Krieger, Mark Schneider, Rev. Kevin Jones, Bryan Boysaw, Verdenia C. Baker. Back row: Archie Satchell, Christopher Korbelak, Eric Call, Tammy K. Fields, Mayor Dave Kerner, Maria […]

/ June 8, 2022

Little Haiti unfiltered

Join local photographer Alain Pierre-Louis on a visual journey through Little Haiti. From rara to punk rock, Vodou to Catholic mass, he’s exploring the one Miami neighborhood he’s never been able to resist.

/ May 15, 2022

Meet Coconut Grove’s “original micro-influencer”

Photo provided by Karla Rima Learn more about The Rounds, Miami’s first zero-waste delivery-refill service, featuring pantry staples and local favorites Who are you? I’m a local, a parent, an activist, a forward thinker and a seeker of all things fun and educational! What professional and/or volunteer work do you do? I split my days wearing […]

/ May 9, 2022