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Give Miami Day Miami Foundation New Tropic Partnership donate to nonprofits in Miami

Give Miami Day – choose your favorite cause to give and feel good

This time of year is all about giving back to the city that we love and how you can make a difference. We’re featuring the organizations highlighted by proud Miamians — and there are hundreds more (almost 900 more!) organizations you can help today.   Go to Health & Wellness Go to Faith-Based Programs & […]

Civic Engagement / September 15, 2021

best technological innovations in miami coral gables

Made in Miami

There’s no pussyfooting around – Miami is producing the technological goods and the U.S. Gov has proven it!   Don’t think that Miami isn’t cranking out high tech goodies, because she is! Below are just some of best technological inventions coming out of Miami. There’s a lot of talk back and forth about whether Miami […]

Good to Know / July 22, 2021

How to do downtown Miami in a day – a guide for locals by locals

In A Considered Afternoon, we explore itineraries for decidedly local weekend afternoons spent discovering Miami’s hidden corners and unexpected treasures. Downtown is suits and ties and the 9-to-5 grind to many of us, but with an influx of new residents, a ton of history and some surprising culture, it’s also a fun place to spend a Saturday.

Downtown / July 22, 2021

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Technology companies that help the Magic City – and one is homegrown

The New Tropic has an update on what some start-up tech companies that debuted in Miami five years ago are still doing to help the Magic City. They are still going strong, and one of them, Coastal Risk Consulting, is not only home grown, but after the Surfside Condo building tragedy, just that much more […]

Business / July 17, 2021

what does a loquat taste like and how to eat a loquat

Loquat? What it tastes like – how to eat it – and facts

Loquat? What it tastes like – how to eat it – and facts The Loquat These fruits are sometimes looked over as something that grows on a shrub or tree that just kind of pops up and grows along the side of the road or in someone’s garden and doesn’t do much. Wrong! This is […]

Good to Know / July 9, 2021

How to eat mombin and what does mombin taste like

Jocote? Mombin? What it tastes like – how to eat it – and facts 

Jocote? Mombin? What it tastes like – how to eat it – and facts Jocote, Mombin, Ciruela, Spanish Plums, Red Hog Plums – we’ll just call it Jocote These fruits are a species of the cashew family. It’s usually called jocote (a derivation of the Nahuatl word: xocotl, which means sour fruits). They are just […]

Good to Know / July 8, 2021

Today’s to-do: 5 unique fruits to try

5 Unique Fruits to Try.  What they taste like and how to eat them! Robert Is Here is one of Miami’s most iconic fruit stands, and is known for its wide variety of rare and exotic fruit options. Don’t let the unknown name or scary exterior fool you. Learn what some of the best fruits […]

Food / July 6, 2021

Miami life hacks: How to spend the day at the beach for free

Because we shouldn’t have to pay to sink our toes in that sand.

Good to Know / July 5, 2021

6 hidden treasures in Pinecrest

The friendly staff at Wagon’s West is ready to greet you. (📸: Bruce Pinchbeck) When we asked you to recommend things to do in Pinecrest, we didn’t realize for how many incredible eateries would show up on the list. Prepare your Instagram – and bring a hungry friend or two – because Pinecrest is home […]

Things to do / July 3, 2021

Made by hand with love

On a shelf in the bakery section of Whole Foods, there’s a package of baklava with a label that reads “Prepared with Love by Syrian Refugee Women in Miami.” The journey of getting that baklava on that shelf was a long one led by Christa Tawil, a Syrian refugee who started Zaytouna Foods in 2017. […]

Business / January 14, 2021