Video: History meets hospitality at the Copper Door B&B

Chefs Jamila Ross and Akino West recently converted an abandoned 1940s motel in historic Overtown into a vintage-styled bed-and-breakfast concept that’s equal parts love and hospitality. The Copper Door B&B features 22 rooms, three private suites, and a banquet table where travelers can share stories over a homemade breakfast prepared by the couple. Sure, you’ve […]

/ January 3, 2019

Visit the Kennedy Space Center and see a rocket blast off

Space will always be cool. Make Cape Canaveral your next field trip.

/ May 10, 2017

Curaçao Travel Guide

You’ll encounter turquoise waters and white sand beaches on one end of the island and rows upon rows of Dutch houses on the other. Curaçao is a delightful mix of cultures from all around the world.

/ May 5, 2017

36 hours in Curaçao

Here’s our guide to making the most of Curaçao between your Friday night arrival and your Sunday departure.

/ May 2, 2017

History of Curaçao

Curaçao is a multicultural and textured country unlike any other, with a painful past, which locals pay homage to. As a part of the Netherlands Antilles many residents often freely travel from Holland to Curaçao, creating a truly global paradise.

/ April 1, 2017

Where to eat and drink in Curaçao

This tropical island is full of fresh ingredients, the freshest fish you’ve ever had, and way better takes on Curaçao liqueur than we have in the U.S.

/ April 1, 2017

Explore Curaçao

With more than 30 gorgeous beaches, each one offering something different, you’re not going to get bored. But if you do, there’s plenty of art and history to explore.

/ April 1, 2017

The people of Curaçao

From artists to herbalists, farmers to photographers, the warm and friendly people of Curaçao are the country’s greatest attraction.

/ April 1, 2017

What to do in Curaçao when you’re tired of the ocean

Okay, so you’re tired of lounging on the beach, soaking in those delicious rays. There’s plenty more to do.

/ April 1, 2017

Seven steps to making your Cuba trip finally happen

Sure you can buy a ticket to Cuba now, but the whole thing is still SUPER confusing. We broke it down.

/ February 27, 2017