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Richard Florida said innovation would save Miami. But now it’s dividing us.

Innovation is driving an economic boom. But the gap between the startup bros and the service workers keeps growing and growing.

People / April 23, 2017

Getting into the weed: where Florida’s at on medical marijuana

We voted for it. So why is the legislature moving slower than a bunch of high school kids on 4/20?

Health / April 19, 2017

Jai-alai 101: where it came from and how to watch it

Jai-alai used to draw crowds of 15,000 in Miami. But today it’s usually just a few people watching players hurl pelotas at more than 100 miles per hour.

History / April 17, 2017

Underwater hunting: How to spearfish in Miami

Local underwater outdoorsman Roy Ferreira teaches us a thing or two about spearfishing in Miami.

Environment / April 13, 2017

A farm-to-table Indian restaurant is coming to Miami. Here’s a tour of the farm.

We toured Chef Niven Patel’s backyard farm in Homestead ahead of the opening of Ghee Indian Kitchen. There are mangoes, lychee, and all kinds of herbs, and we just can’t wait any longer.

Food / April 10, 2017

Beautiful words about the city we love

Just a few of our favorite words from a few of our favorite poets about our absolute favorite city — Miami.

Art / April 7, 2017

The Miami Maker Faire is back this weekend

It’s like Etsy in real life, plus ROBOTS!

Things to do / April 6, 2017

Get your daily weather report on Sophie Blachet’s Insta

It started out as a joke, but Sophie Lefebvre Blachet has been cataloging Miami’s weather and observing the slow creep of climate change for four years now, through Instagram.

Environment / April 5, 2017

This chance to change the state constitution comes once every 20 years

The Constitutional Review Commission is in town to hear your ideas for amendments.

Politics / April 4, 2017

Why owners say opening a bar or restaurant in Miami is the worst

Opening a restaurant in Miami is a bureaucratic nightmare. And it happens on Miami time.

Business / April 2, 2017