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The Fillmore, one of our favorite places to catch a concert

The best places to catch a concert in Miami

We’ve only got a few left, but we’re holding on to ’em real tight.

Music / June 19, 2017

Suits with a side hustle: Sales rep by day, Morrissey tribute singer by night

Miami’s the city of the side hustle, so we’re highlighting locals who have interesting passion projects. We’re starting with Miami’s only The Smiths and Morrissey tribute act, Ordinary Boys.

Music / May 25, 2017

Where to go to get inspired in Miami

If you’re tired of day in and day out at the office, or need a change of scenery to get jammin’ on that side hustle, Miami’s got plenty of spots to get inspired.

Things to do / May 22, 2017

With Lil Greenhouse Grill, Overtown is now open for dinner

And it’s serving a lot more than soul food.lil

Food / May 18, 2017

The best ways to cool down in Miami when it’s just too dang hot outside

Indoors, outdoors, in the water – fortunately, we’ve got a lot of spots to cool down when the temps are hitting 90.

Things to do / May 11, 2017

Visit the Kennedy Space Center and see a rocket blast off

Space will always be cool. Make Cape Canaveral your next field trip.

Things to do / May 10, 2017

Miansai was born in a UM dorm. Now it’s gone national.

One of the only men’s luxury jewelry companies in the nation makes its wares just outside Wynwood.

People / May 4, 2017

At Madruga Bakery, amazing bread takes just four ingredients

For owner Naomi Harris, it’s all about the flour.

Food / May 2, 2017

Florida’s Legislature wants to defund NWSA, whose alumni made Moonlight and Cocaine Cowboys

Here’s how to reach out to your legislators to reinstate funding to the New World School of the Arts.

Art / April 28, 2017

10 facts about climate change that might get you to Miami’s People’s Climate March

The effects of climate change won’t be a good look for South Florida.

Environment / April 27, 2017