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Pandwe Gibson: PortMiami and our mom-and-pops are the assets tech needs to tap

The founder of EcoTech Visions sees our export economy and small biz savvy as hidden opportunities that, when coupled with the growing tech ecosystem, can be huge in 2017.

Tech / January 16, 2017

Miami’s unofficial tech pessimist thinks we’ve finally gotten past the hype

Some companies have folded. That’s leaving plenty of room for the substantive companies to really take off.

Tech / January 15, 2017

Here are 10 great places to ride your bike now that winter is over.

You survived the Miami winter. Now get out there and enjoy our beautiful weather.

Health / January 12, 2017

So what’s the point of pop-up parks like Biscayne Green?

A whole lot of people are spending all this money and time getting people excited for a park — only to take it away a few weeks later. Why bother?

Political Issues / January 11, 2017

Nope, Miami’s art market isn’t going to crash, says The Wolfsonian’s director

With 2016 under his belt, The Wolfsonain’s new director Tim Rodgers wants to be a bigger part of the Miami arts community this year.

Art / January 11, 2017

FilmGate Miami founder: No tax breaks means we have to collaborate to survive

And that collaboration will bring a whole lot of experimentation.

Art / January 10, 2017

Moonlight is just the beginning of what the black arts community can achieve

Davis says there are wonderful things happening in Brownsville and Liberty City and on the heels of “Moonlight,” 2017 will be a year for nurturing that talent.

Art / January 9, 2017

YoungArts: in 2017, art will help us bridge the divides 2016 revealed

VP Lisa Leone has already started connecting groups around the city.

Art / January 8, 2017

Raising money for Syria, 6,000 miles from home

After hearing from his friends and family, local Syrian physician Hadi Yaziji organized a benefit concert to raise money for his homeland.

Art / January 8, 2017