Sea level rise is starting to sink in for both developers and governments.

Historic preservation could be the big loser in 2017 if governments and developers decide the numbers don’t add up.

/ January 23, 2017

Republican Rep. Carlos Curbelo: Climate change is not a hoax.

And he says not even Donald Trump’s election can change that.

/ January 22, 2017

How to buy a home in Miami, the sinking city

I’m a millennial who wants to own a home that won’t be underwater before I can pay it off.

/ January 16, 2017

Sabal Trail could become Florida’s own Dakota Access Pipeline problem

More than 3,700 Floridians have signed a petition to try and stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline, more than half of which will cut through Florida.

/ December 8, 2016

Half of the Everglades is gone

One out of three Floridians depend on this water supply.

/ November 21, 2016

Don’t eat this spoon

This compostable cutlery maker is seeking to make SoFlo a little more sustainable one utensil at a time.

/ November 17, 2016

The Climate Ribbon isn’t just an expensive overhang

The first-of-its-kind structure will ventilate the shopping center, and provide shelter and solar shading.

/ November 16, 2016

How green spaces will transform Miami’s walkability

Miami’s going green, and we’re interviewing the movers and shakers making it happen.

/ November 15, 2016

The supermoon straight up flooded Miami.

There was an octopus in a parking garage.

/ November 14, 2016

The eco-friendly incubator making Miami green

Green innovation isn’t just happening near the urban core.

/ November 8, 2016