The supermoon straight up flooded Miami.

There was an octopus in a parking garage.

/ November 14, 2016

The eco-friendly incubator making Miami green

Green innovation isn’t just happening near the urban core.

/ November 8, 2016

On the road to saving our waterways

The Everglades Foundation is hitting the road to gain signatures towards their #NoworNeverglades Declaration.

/ October 26, 2016

Power companies are trying to trick you into voting against solar. It’s working.

Floridians are all about expanding solar. But they’re voting on an amendment that doesn’t do that.

/ October 19, 2016

It’s not going away. This flooding is our future.

Miami-Dade County should be treating this extreme event as an opportunity to be better prepared for the future.

/ October 17, 2016

Miami looks like it’s drowning because of King Tide

Instagram is blowing up with pictures of Miami looking like it’s underwater as King Tide nears its peak.

/ October 16, 2016

It’s that time of year: King Tides time

If you live on the water you might have stepped into a six-inch puddle yesterday, despite the sunny skies above. That’s because it’s time for the annual king tides.

/ October 13, 2016

Important questions during and after Hurricane Matthew

How to file an insurance claim, where to check for boil water advisories, and other things you should know after the storm.

/ October 6, 2016

Where to get hurricane updates without a TV

Matthew’s coming. Here’s how you can get up to date information if you don’t have a TV or radio.

/ October 5, 2016