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coronavirus skyline

Looking for resources and ways to support the Miami community during the coronavirus pandemic? We got you

Local organizations in Miami are adapting and responding to coronavirus. Here’s how you can get involved.

COVID19 / April 24, 2020


What does Florida’s stay-at-home order mean for Miami? We broke it down for you

Florida finally got a stay-at-home order this week. Here’s what it will mean and how it relates to what’s already happened in Miami.

COVID19 / April 1, 2020

coronavirus questions

What could a shelter-in-place order look like in Miami-Dade? We took a look at some examples

What could a shelter-in-place order look like in Miami-Dade County? We took a look at what the response to coronavirus could mean for us in the 305 and across Florida.

COVID19 / March 23, 2020

coronavirus questions

Got coronavirus questions, Miami? Here are some answers.

You’ve got novel coronavirus and COVID-19 questions and we’ve got some answers, Miami.

COVID19 / March 16, 2020

coronavirus hand wash

Experts say to wash your hands for 20 seconds to fight coronavirus. Here are 9 Miami songs to help pass the time

State health officials and the CDC say that you should wash your hands for at least 20 seconds to help fight coronavirus. But instead of humming “Happy Birthday to You” we’ve got some Miami-themed recs.

COVID19 / March 5, 2020

‘The conversation needed to be shifted’: How ‘The Tranz Form’ wants to transform narratives about trans womxn of color

“The Tranz Form” docuseries will take a look at three trans womxn of color in Miami and highlight their lives and experiences.

People / March 1, 2020

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Defining food deserts and food insecurity in Miami

Want to know more about the history and factors behind food deserts in Miami? We dug into the issue.

Food / February 24, 2020

Health in the Hood

How Health in the Hood is working to fight food deserts in Miami

Health in the Hood has worked to build community gardens in Miami and bring healthy food to communities in need.

Food / February 24, 2020

Map showing Miami Gardens

Spotlight on Miami Gardens

Ready to explore Miami Gardens? We’ve got you covered.

Miami Gardens / February 19, 2020

Miami Gardens City Hall

When did Miami Gardens become a majority black area in Miami-Dade?

One of our readers asked about when Miami Gardens became a predominately black area, and we did some digging to find an answer.

History / February 16, 2020