Social Media Policy

The New Tropic employees use social media daily to meet and build relationships with Miami’s curious locals. We share information about what’s going on in our city, keep you up-to-date on the latest events, host conversations about relevant topics, ask you for feedback and share manatee memes. We help you #livelikeyoulivehere.

You can find The New Tropic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We also use social media to be transparent about how we report on stories. In the spirit of transparency, here are the guidelines our staff follows for The New Tropic’s social media accounts:

Be social. We’re human, after all, so we use social media to participate in conversations, follow and like others’ posts, and form relationships with our community. (Pssst: Meet the people who post to The New Tropic here.)

Verify first. We won’t share something unless we’ve verified that it’s true.

Give credit. We are committed to telling you where we got that awesome GIF, photo, or story, if we didn’t create it ourselves. We’ll tag sources or share posts directly from their Pages so you know who created the content.

Promote conversation. We will reply thoughtfully to your questions, comments, or feedback whether it’s in public comments or private messages. Sometimes it may take us a day or two (see: we’re human.) We may publish your thoughtful comments in our newsletter (and you will become famous). If something has been sent to us privately and the person doesn’t have an expectation that it will be shared publicly, we will always ask for permission first. If someone is being harmful or inappropriate on our Pages, we may remove their comments.

Uphold brand values. We believe in being proudly local, relentlessly curious, thoughtfully optimistic, craftily edited, intelligently inclusive. And we’re here to show you how to connect to our community and be a thoughtful friend – not an expert on all subjects.

Corrections. Always let us know if something we’ve shared is wrong or requires more context or clarification. We won’t delete the original post, but we’ll update it to let you know what was inaccurate and what piece of information we’ve corrected.

Marketing/branded content. Local businesses support The New Tropic by paying for co-branded content that helps it build relationships or promote its goods or services. Co-branded content is produced, published, and posted on social media by our Creative Studio, not the The New Tropic local team. All branded content published across The New Tropic’s newsletter, social media and website platforms is clearly labeled “Produced by The New Tropic Creative Studio with [client name].” Learn more about how we make money here.

Partner content. We partner with people or organizations who share our values to expand and deepen our connections to the communities we serve. There is no money exchanged when we partner, but there is equal value exchanged. All partner content published across The New Tropic’s newsletter, social media and website platforms is clearly labeled “Presented in partnership with [partner name].”

And here are guidelines that our employees follow for their personal social media accounts:

Represent The New Tropic. Identify yourself and your connection to The New Tropic. Share truthful content, correct posts when you get something wrong, and give credit where it’s due.

Be human. Participate in conversations, join Groups, like your friend’s cat meme, and show how you #livelikeyoulivehere.

Be professional. If a post would embarrass you, or your boss, don’t post it. Uphold the same values that we emphasize on our brands.

Show our behind-the-scenes work at The New Tropic. We do have pretty rad gigs, after all. Just make sure it’s something our team has said we can share publicly.

Post thoughtful comments. Because we want our staff to share their personal experiences as locals, we encourage them to share their personal opinions in a way that’s respectful and inclusive of differing opinions. However, our staff’s personal opinions do not reflect that of The New Tropic.

Be transparent. Identify when you’re posting about something that you received for free, like event tickets or branded swag.

Questions about these guidelines? E-mail us at [email protected].