Ethics and sponsorship policy

On how we make money …

Whereby.Us is the parent company of The New Tropic. Whereby.Us launched The New Tropic, a civic media project.

One way WhereBy.Us makes money is through creative marketing, where we help brands and organizations understand their local audiences and build local engagement. Sometimes that takes the form of branded content or sponsored projects in The New Tropic.

Branded content and events are created to help clients engage The New Tropic community. Branded content is not produced by The New Tropic team. Branded content is produced for our clients by the Whereby.Us Creative team. Clients may review and approve branded content before publication. The New Tropic team may suggest how branded content is distributed on its platforms, including email newsletters, social media channels and websites. The New Tropic team does not communicate directly with clients about branded content. All branded content will be clearly labeled “Produced for [client name]” and will include a link to this policy. The editorial team may appear in branded content, but will not endorse or personally promote products.

Sponsored projects are reported stories or events that a client makes possible with its financial support. The New Tropic originates ideas for these projects and works independently to produce them while the Whereby.Us team secures the sponsorships and manages the client relationships. No client may review sponsored projects before publication. Sponsored projects allow clients to align their brands with topics that The New Tropic community cares about. All sponsored projects will be clearly labeled “Sponsored by [client name]” and will include a link to this policy.

How does WhereBy.Us decide how to work with?

  • We evaluate client relationships on a case-by-case basis.
  • We’re interested in working with businesses that are interested in changing cities.
  • We evaluate clients on a number of factors, including whether we think their mission is aligned with that of our local properties and the expectations of our local communities.
  • Businesses are a part of our communities. A client is a good fit for our community when it aligns its interests with the things our communities care about. For example, at the The New Tropic, Lyft has sponsored neighborhood guides that encourage exploration of new parts of the city and Knight Foundation has sponsored a guide to Miami’s startup and tech ecosystem.
  • We welcome conversation with members of our community about our business practices, and we are committed to providing transparency about the nature of our business relationships.