Four historic buildings in downtown Miami to know

Dade Heritage Trust is giving Miami the keys to unlock its cool history. (📸: Alfred Dupont Building) This weekend, Dade Heritage Trust is taking a (very) lucky group of people on a cocktail-based tour of downtown Miami’s most historic venues. Unfortunately, the popular event is sold out. (That’s why they’re so lucky.) But all is […]

/ October 24, 2019

Today’s to-do: A bike ride in Brownsville

The crown jewel of Brownsville: Historic Hampton House (📸: Historic Hampton House) THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Let’s go to Brownsville. Kenneth Kilpatrick is glad he came back to Brownsville.   Kenneth’s grandfather owned Spic N Span, a mom and pop grocery store in the neighborhood, for a number of years. It was Kenneth’s family ties that brought […]

/ October 10, 2019

How did Allapattah become the home to Camillus House and so many medical centers? We’ve got your answer

How did Camillus House and Miami’s medical centers end up in Allapattah? We’ve got the answer.

/ October 2, 2019

Bridges to the beach: Here’s a brief history of Miami’s coastal causeways

Ever wondered about the history of Miami’s coastal causeways? We took a look at how they came to be.

/ August 26, 2019

Neighborhood spotlight: Exploring residential and quaint Silver Bluff

A sampling of what you’ll see in Silver Bluff. (📸: Christine Rupp, Dade Heritage Trust) THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Silver Bluff is a cozy residential sub-neighborhood in Coral Way that’s sandwiched between Little Havana and Coconut Grove. It’s the kind of community where you’ll see the neighborhood kids selling lemonade and fresh mango slices.  Beba Sardiña Mann, […]

/ August 8, 2019

Did you know… About a Miami man’s role in sunscreen history?

Did you know that one of the most popular suntan lotion brands was created by a Miami Beach pharmacist? We’ve got the story.

/ July 1, 2019

Georgette’s Tea Room: A historic meeting place for Miami’s Black arts community

Georgette’s Tea Room as seen in the 1990 historic designation report (📸: Historic Preservation Board) WHAT IT IS: Georgette’s Tea Room opened in 1940 as a guest house and meeting spot for Black entertainers and community activists. Georgette Scott Campbell opened the tea room after her brief stint in Harlem, where she opened up a […]

/ June 20, 2019

Remember when … the Deauville was a glittering Miami Beach resort?

The Deauville Resort was once a landmark destination for celebrities, tourists, and locals. but in recent years it’s become abandoned and fallen into disrepair.

/ June 17, 2019

Meet the Gondola Building in Coral Gables

The Gondola Building represents the height of Florida architecture during the Coral Gables boom era. (📸: City of Coral Gables) WHAT IT IS: Still standing 94 years later, the Biltmore’s Gondola Building in Coral Gables is an original facet from the hotel company’s hotel structure from the 1920’s. The beloved building and its accompanying hotel […]

/ May 20, 2019

Anderson’s Corner: Built in the early 1900s and still standing

Built in the early 1900s, Anderson’s Corner is still standing. (📸: Ebyabe) WHAT IT IS: Standing at the corner SW 157 Ave and SW 232nd Street for over a hundred years, Anderson’s Corner has seen it all. The wood-frame structure, built by William “Popp” Anderson in the early 1900s, was just named to Dade Heritage […]

/ May 16, 2019