Miami’s made a fast ascension to the top of the national charts in startup activity. From startup accelerators to university departments to investment funds to community groups, Miamians are building new endeavors to help create an entrepreneurial ecosystem. While momentum has grown quickly, that mission faces significant challenges, too.

We built this guide, in partnership with Knight Foundation, to document the ideas, projects, and people driving the future of Miami’s startup scene. The most frequent questions we hear are about how to plug in and connect with a growing community. This guide is designed to help answer those questions. It’s a work in progress that we want to grow with you. Let us know what you’re seeing, who we should talk to, and what else should be included.

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Ralph Rosado spent 30 days riding public transit and had a few ideas.


6 quick fixes to making riding public transit easier

Ralph Rosado rode public transit for 30 days and thought there was a thing or two that could use some tweaks. These are his six quick tips to making mass transit in Miami more efficient.

Shel-Neisha Bromell uses a computer at her public library.


Miami’s next big tech win could happen where there’s the least internet

Low-income and minority communities have been left out of the digital boom. Code Fever, EcoTech Visions, and other groups are changing that.

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