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Don’t let Moonlight be an anomaly

We cannot mimic the magic of Moonlight, but we can create environments from which our next great works of art and artists will emerge.

/ February 27, 2017

Alana Greer: The law is not going to save us

Progressives hailed lawyers as saviors when a series of lawsuits managed to pause enforcement of President Trump’s executive order on immigration from mostly Muslim countries. But they won’t be the defensive line for long.

/ February 2, 2017

Our local theater scene has been neglected. That’s changing.

Live theater has long lagged behind all the other performing arts locally. But Miami Beach is making a big bet on it in 2017.

/ January 31, 2017

10 simple ways to be an activist, even when you’re really busy

Fired up after this weekend’s marches? You don’t have to dedicate your whole life to activism to make a difference.

/ January 24, 2017

Meet three generations of Miami women marching on Washington

A reverend, her daughters, and her eight-year-old granddaughter will hold hands and march through the cold on Saturday, joining one of the biggest demonstrations the U.S. has ever seen.

/ January 19, 2017

Let’s not make Wynwood’s mistakes in Little Haiti

Developers and property owners are already beginning to ignore the voices of the community. But it’s not too late yet.

/ January 16, 2017

These were our resolutions for 2016. How did we do?

To kick off this whole year-in-review thing, we decided to bring back the resolutions that we and a bunch of other leaders in Miami made at the outset of last year. How’d we do?

/ December 18, 2016

Aja Monet: Fidel Castro was neither a saint nor the devil.

For Afro-Cubans and black Americans, Fidel Castro was a dictator – but one who tried to bring them equality.

/ December 1, 2016

The True Theme of the Traitor and the Hero: Fidel Castro and Me

A Cuban-American Miami writer wrestles with Fidel Castro’s death and his legacy.

/ November 26, 2016

How we should be helping Haiti

After years of working in Haiti, Ines Lozano has come to one conclusion about how to help: let the locals call the shots.

/ November 14, 2016