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Your View: Real Men Vote for Feminists

By: Andrew Otazo This op-ed originally published in Spanish in el Nuevo Herald. I love participating in “masculine” activities. It’s just how I’m wired. Removing 22,000 pounds of trash from Miami’s mangroves required lifting a whole lot of weight over my head. I also carried 35 pounds of trash 26 miles to raise funds for fragile coastal habitats. Three-mile open-ocean […]

/ October 19, 2022

Cracking open Creole with Little Haiti Book Festival

(📸: @miamibookfair) Miami Book Fair’s celebration of Haitian Heritage Month, Little Haiti Book Festival, is continuing its virtual programming this week. Creole, Creolish: Regionalisms in Haitian Creole is coming up this weekend, and we got a sneak peek at what to expect from M.J. Fievre, the festival’s director. The panel The experts on the panel, […]

/ May 11, 2021

Your View: Local Book Love for Black Lives Matter

By: Daniel Palugyai Black lives matter.  And Miami’s Book Fair and Books & Books are amped up in full support. “It’s not going to stop.  What we do is not going to stop.  It’s going to continue and we’re going to double down on everything that we do,” Mitchell Kaplan says. Kaplan’s always kept conversations […]

/ June 15, 2020

Your View: Non-Profits Find A Way To Carry On

Written by Estefania Garcia Non-profit organizations are used to doing a lot with limited resources. Relying on financial donations to function can be challenging in the best of times. Now, they face a situation where the need for their services is even greater while resources are stretched even thinner. According to the United Way of […]

/ May 27, 2020

How Miami Survived the Great Pandemic of 1918

Your View is a recurring series of opinion pieces from members of The New Tropic community. To share your ideas, goals, and work about Miami with the community in a Your View piece, please submit it to [email protected] By: Jorge Damian De La Paz In 1918, the city of Miami wrestled with one of the deadliest […]

/ May 1, 2020

An Awesome theory for change in Miami

What are Miami’s assets and how can they come together? Natalia Martinez-Kalinina and The Awesome Foundation have been working to answer that question.

/ June 10, 2019

How black curators are reshaping and reframing Memorial Day Weekend

Alexis Brown, founder of Social Xchange, is one of several local curators of color hoping to reshape the narrative around Memorial Day Weekend in Miami.

/ May 23, 2019

Debunking “Let’s Ask an Asian” and helping Miami be more diverse

Local speaker and educator Tony Delarosa thinks discussions around the Asian experience in Miami are on the right track but can definitely be improved.

/ May 21, 2019

Love loudly, and other ways to fight division in Miami

Radical Partners’ 10 Days of Connection initiative wants to bring Miami together to share differing ideas and perspectives.

/ April 29, 2019

It’s time to talk about Miami’s marine trash

Andrew Otazo picks up marine trash in Bear Cut Preserve. Dear Miami, We need to talk. I’ve been cleaning up your mess for a while, and it’s only getting worse. More specifically, I removed 7,500 pounds (almost four tons) of trash from Bear Cut Preserve over 16 months. I even carried 30 pounds of it […]

/ April 22, 2019