Meet Grace- the New Tropic’s Local Director

My favorite local Miami team I can get behind… kinda unbelievably, the Dolphins have my whole heart

One thing I wish every local would stop doing… not reading up on or voting in local elections

This is embarrassing but I can’t get enough of… my pet turtle, Prince

My perfect Miami day includes these three stops:
• A morning stroll on the streets of Miami Beach
• An afternoon sitting on the sand or poolside
• Ending the day with a casual dinner with friends

Unpopular opinion, but… we need to stop building luxury high rises

If I had to give out an award for Miami’s best-hidden gem, it’d go to… the sea life hiding below the surface along the South Pointe/Government Cut jetty – amazing snorkeling you can access right from the beach!

A friend visits from out of town. I’m not letting them leave without trying… to eat their weight in Cuban food.

Miamians should pay more attention to… what’s going on in local government and the politics that actually affect our day-to-day.

I wish Miami had more… places to go for a cheap meal and cheap drinks

On any given weekend, you can find me… doing some outdoor activity, preferably in/near the water: paddleboarding, surfing, snorkeling, playing beach volleyball, boating, etc.

Grace DeWitt is the director of The New Tropic. Her metaphorical newsroom office door is always open for questions, news leads, tips, and hellos at [email protected], and if you’re into sports, sunsets, and marine life, you’ll probably enjoy following here @just_dewitt13 on Twitter and Instagram too.

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