Locals to Know

Meet Alette Simmons-Jiménez, a mixed-media visual artist

📸: Photo courtesy of Alette Simmons-Jiménez Who are you? What do you do? I’m a visual artist who works in painting, sculpture, video, photography, light, and sound.  My work has developed around my personal life experiences. I am a third-generational American, coming from a mixed ancestral lineage, beginning with ancient Anatolia, to Austria, Germany, and […]

/ July 5, 2022

Meet Katie Murphy, the Miamian supporting the state’s greatest natural ecosystems

📸: Photo courtesy of Katie Murphy Who are you? What do you do? I am the Director of Development & Communications for The Alliance for Florida’s National Parks. We support not one, not two, but FOUR national park units throughout South Florida. Many people think that, because these spaces are managed by the National Park […]

/ June 27, 2022

Meet Constance Jones, two-time Emmy nominated journalist and Girl Scout alumna

📸: Photo by NBC6 Tell us about your work — your job and/or any volunteer work.  I work in TV — I am the morning news anchor at NBC6. I’ve been in television broadcasting for about 18 years, and I also spent some time working in radio at NPR. I volunteer as a Big Sister […]

/ June 20, 2022

Meet award-winning journalist (and self-described amateur historian) Daniel Rivero

📸: Photo by Kent Hernández Wax poetic for a minute and tell us: what brings you most alive about this city? We’re a halfway point that turned into a permanent home. Most people here have one foot in two worlds, and Miami exists in the crotch area of those two feet — and I mean […]

/ June 13, 2022

Meet Alex Izaguirre, aka MAMÚT, a graphic designer and illustrator

📸: Photo provided by Eddie Urrutia What’s a project you’re working on and how can our readers help you with it? I am currently working on Dogfish Head’s tART Series! I was beyond honored to be selected to illustrate and design four cans for this series. The response has been amazing and it’s been great working […]

/ June 6, 2022

Meet Lindsey Koggan, roller skating aficionado and founder of All Skates Go To Heaven

📸: Photo provided by Celia Luna Who are you? What do you do? I am a roller-skating enthusiast and the creator of All Skates Go To Heaven, an organization I launched a year ago with the intent of producing skate events in order to grow and expand the South Florida skate community. We welcome anyone […]

/ May 31, 2022

Meet Leigh-Ann Buchanan, founder and president of aīre ventures and former Girl Guide

📸: Photo provided by Lexey Swall What’s your favorite Girl Scout cookie?  I am gluten and dairy-free now. But if I could eat them, I would say Samoas because I love coconut. If there was a Miami badge for Girl Scouts, what three tasks would need to be completed to earn the badge? First, explore […]

/ May 23, 2022

Meet the local inviting fellow Miamians to engage with artists in their studios

📸 Photo Credit: Karli Evans/All Seeing Media Tell us about your work — your job and/or any volunteer work.  I am the Associate Director at Fountainhead Arts, the only live/work residency in Miami welcoming national and international artists to Miami for a month at a time. I love my work because what we do directly impacts artists […]

/ May 16, 2022

Locals to Know: Meet Carmen Pelaez, playwright, performer and director with Miami New Drama

Photo provided by Rafael Guillén Tell us about your work — your job and/or any volunteer work.  I’m a playwright, performer and director — basically, I love to tell stories in any medium I can. I also work with various advocacy groups, mostly Miami Freedom Project, but also on President Joe Biden’s Cuban-American leader advisory team. […]

/ May 2, 2022

Locals to know: Meet Laura Paresky Gould of @miamicolortheory

Photo provided by Viveca Ljung Who are you? What do you do? I’m an artist, photographer, graphic designer, and a mom of three teenagers and two Rottweilers. My latest creative project is @miamicolortheory, an Instagram account documenting the colors and elements of Miami, all shot on an iPhone. The series somehow pulls together my earlier careers: […]

/ April 25, 2022