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Baseball History

Miami at bat: A history of baseball in the Magic City

We’ve discovered there’s far more for baseball fans than just the Marlins. Delve into Miami’s past as a home for all things baseball, starting way back in 1912.

History / May 4, 2021

Take a trip through time in Downtown Miami

We’re a young city with a long history, and nowhere is that more obvious than Downtown. Let’s explore the soaring heights and drastic declines that have defined Miami’s first neighborhood.

Downtown / January 18, 2021

Welcome to Hialeah

Discover the hidden treasures in one of Miami-Dade’s oldest cities. Find out where to eat, where to play, and where to get your thrift store fix.

Hialeah / July 1, 2015

A short but storied history of Miami soccer

As David Beckham and company prepare to bring MLS 2.0 to Miami, take a look back at the surprisingly storied history of the beautiful game in South Florida.

History / May 19, 2015

Five startups that could improve Miami’s future

At last week’s Smart City Startups conference, startups showcased products that could help solve some of Miami’s biggest challenges, including economic opportunity, transportation, and sea level rise. Here’s a look at five companies with innovative ideas for tackling tough issues.

Things to do / April 27, 2015

Meet Eduardo Marturet, Miami’s charismatic conductor

From his flair with a baton to his fashionable footwear, Eduardo Martuet is a hard man to miss. With charm, showmanship, and a goal of reflecting Miami in music, Martuet has transformed the Miami Symphony Orchestra.

Music / April 16, 2015