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What you need to know about hurricane insurance after a storm

We’ve got the answers to your Hurricane Irma insurance questions. Here’s everything you need to know to get those storm damages covered, or fix your policies before the next big one.

Need to know / September 24, 2017

vizcaya broken after hurricane Irma

Here’s how our iconic Miami landmarks are recovering after Irma

What the damage and clean-up processes have been like for a few of Miami’s iconic spots.

Environment / September 20, 2017

things miamians couldn't leave behind

What evacuated Miamians couldn’t bear to leave behind

Onesies to wedding photos: The stories of the sentimental things South Floridians felt like they needed to take with them when they evacuated for Hurricane Irma.

People / September 15, 2017

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West Grove comes together to stay cool and fed, post-Irma

Since Hurricane Irma hit Miami, lots of people have been without power. In West Coconut Grove, residents were able to come together to laugh over a good meal.

Things to do / September 12, 2017

Hold on, we’ve just gotta laugh about Irma for a sec

At this point, we all need a little something to lighten the Hurricane Irma mood. These memes and videos might help.

Environment / September 8, 2017

Miami Marine Stadium

If these seats could talk: reliving the glory days of Miami Marine Stadium

Before it was neglected, Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key was great. How great? Just look back to the days of The Who, boat races, and more.

History / August 31, 2017


Public Space Challenge 2017: Meet some of the winners

This year’s winners include everything from urban beekeeping to mini golf. The one thing they have in common: they’re led by everyday people making Miami better.

Neighborhoods / August 29, 2017

Manspreading, hogging seats: Why are people such jerks on public transit?

We got a great reader question from Christine Rupp, and decided to figure out why people act they way they do when it comes to riding Miami’s public transit.

Transit / August 28, 2017

hurricane Andrew

Remembering Hurricane Andrew, 25 years later

Hurricane Andrew memories are everywhere as we mark 25 years since the Category 5 hurricane made landfall in south Miami-Dade. We talked to Bryan Norcross and longtime residents about that night.

History / August 23, 2017

What’s your question about Miami?

Got a Miami question? Ask us and we’ll do our best to answer it.

Things to do / August 18, 2017