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Among Us

Becoming a Better Man with The Millennials Project

In Miami, Among Us is seeking to empower women and end domestic violence, one man at a time.

People / July 21, 2015

How to give back with Miami nonprofits

Do you love Miami? Hate it? One sure way to make our city better is to support to Miami nonprofits. Check out these six easy ways to get involved, sharpen your skills, expand your network, and up your giving game.

People / April 8, 2015

How Ana Colls is building a more civically active Miami

When Ana Colls came to Miami to follow her passion for public service, she found it hard to get connected. So she decided to build what she wanted to see in the city. Find out how Colls is working with New Leaders Council and Women’s Movement Now to build a more civically engaged Miami.

People / March 2, 2015