Betsy Perez

Why are you running?

Because I care and I want to give back to the City that has given so much to me. I’m in it for the good of the community. I just want to do what’s right for the City that I’ve raised my 5 children in. I couldn’t help but notice your slogan above, “Live Like you Live here” and it’s kind of like my philosophy regarding how I feel about my beloved City of Miami Beach. We must take care of it and make sure that it’s around forever for our future generations to enjoy.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Miami Beach right now?

Our City’s most serious challenges are sea level rise, traffic congestion and lack of public parking.

What are some of the solutions you would propose?

I feel that the remedies the City has undertaken regarding sea level rise and the flooding issues are working by implementing the Stormwater Management Master Plan and adopting the Regional Climate Action Plan (RCAP). Pump stations have been put in place keeping the City dry, but further long term solutions need to be instituted. I believe that we should invest in a light rail system and a water taxi system to help alleviate traffic. As for parking, we need to work together with the Florida Department of Transportation to reinstate the parking spaces that they have eliminated as well as build parking garages for the thousands of employees that commute to the beach everyday.

Imagine we gave you a $100 budget. How would you spend those $100?

​Please share a few words about how you would tackle the some of the following challenges:

Poverty and the low median wage: Miami Beach is a thriving tourism city, but I realize that there are areas with a low median income. We must always find ways to help those facing these challenging issues and I’m willing to work hard to combat these issues.

The high cost of rent/real estate: As Miami Beach evolves into and international city, the real estate values and rent are increasing. We must maintain our economy and make sure there are enough jobs and industry able to sustain the increase.

Congestion and transit options: The Trolley system has been working and carrying thousands of people a day. We need to implement the final phase and connect it from North Beach to South Beach. A light rail system should be built and Baylink should be initiated. We need to shift local transportation habits to support these forms of public transportation. We must also build more parking garages.

Climate change and environmental damage: I am supportive of the fact that Miami Beach has gone “Green” and I would alway propose and support any Green Initiative on Miami Beach such as the banning of styrofoam and eliminating plastic bags. I would also like to become very active with the Sustainability Committee.

Transparency in government and access to open data: I believe in complete transparency. I feel there should be integrity in government and we should maintain a culture of information sharing as well as monitoring and evaluation.