Levitation? Electromagnetism? Ancient Aliens?

Everyone has theories about how Coral Castle was built, but none have actually been proven. What we do know is that Edward Leedskalnin moved from Latvia in 1923 and spent 28 years building Rock Gate Park as a monument to the love of his life. 

Edward only worked at night and no one ever saw him move the oolite rocks that make up the castle — some weighing more than those at Stonehenge. Was it levitation? Electromagnetism? Ancient aliens? 

Hop off the 35 bus at SW 288 St. and SW 157 Ave. to take a tour of the castle, which is just around the corner. And let us know how you think a 5-foot man built Coral Castle all by himself using tools made from used car parts.

Hear more from Brianna, who works at the castle, in our video profile.

Produced for Miami-Dade’s Dept. of Transportation & Public Works