Our 12 tips for getting into Basel parties when you’re not VIP

It’s the Monday of Miami Art Week. If you’re looking at your calendar bummed because it doesn’t have any of the fabulous parties you assume everyone else is invited to, it’s all good. We’ve got a locals guide coming out tomorrow. Plus, we’ve tapped the brain of our man, Chris Adamo, who always has the party hookup, on how to get your foot in the door at parties all over town this week.

You might know him. You’ve definitely seen him and his Jams shirts at one of our events. It’s this guy:

Chris Adamo

He’s our team expert on this, and this year, we decided not to keep his expertise all to ourselves. Here are his pro tips for partying it up this week like the VIP you are.

First off, you have to find out about the parties. Do your homework. Often the hard part isn’t getting in, it’s knowing where and when to show up.

  1. Read ALL the Basel guides. Ours, duh (full list of events coming Tuesday!). The Miami New Times (art, parties and events). Indulge. Prism (an uber meta guide to all the guides.) Paper Magazine’s multi-part guide.
  2. Put yourself on the e-mail lists for all the local museums, galleries, and big hotels, which are usually throwing pre-parties and after-parties every day of the week.
  3. Check your tickets. If you splurged on a pass to one of the big art shows, there’s usually a party or two that goes along with it.
  4. Follow on Instagram the big drink and fashion brands, most of whom are down here throwing bashes – companies like Bacardi and Red Bull and anyone else you see sponsoring events or shows.
  5. Follow the big glossy magazines like Vogue and and Vanity Fair on all their social media accounts. They’re definitely out here throwing and attending parties.
  6. Chat up the artists and attendees at the big fairs and the galleries. They probably have their own things going.
  7. Follow all the local PR agencies and get on their mailing lists. They’re running point for tons of brands down here for the week.
  8. Hang out at The Standard. That’s where you’ll find tons of the artists and dealers (specifically, out on the deck in their down time). Plus, the hotel is gonna throw a dope party on Sunday night
  9. You’re going to see a ton of weird stuff that will be totally normal during Art Basel. That’s why Chris says, “Act like you belong there. That’s a general rule in life.”
  10. The more fabulous and over-the-top your wardrobe is, the more you’re going to blend in.   “Art Basel isn’t the time not to stand out,” Chris says.
  11. If you’re in a line waiting to get in, chat up your line neighbors. Maybe one of them actually has an invite and they’ll bring you in as their plus one.
  12. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Drink a lot of water. Take advantage of the free food.