This Miami family wins Halloween… again

You might not remember the Horth family by name, but we bet you remember this:

They’re the Miami family that goes IN on Halloween every year, choosing seven different costume themes and staging elaborately costumed photo shoots with their son Ronan. They roll them out one per day until Halloween. They call it HalloWEEK.

Husband and wife Reed Horth and Kat Barrow-Horth are fine art dealers who specialize in high-end 20th century masters like Warhol and Dali. Together they run Robin Rile Fine Art.

They spend all year thinking about themes, choose the final seven in August, and then spent the next couple months sourcing costumes (Kat is a vintage clothing fiend, and already owned most of what she wears in these photos). They brainstorm scenes and choose or designs locations for the shoots. Last year, the theme was movies and TV shows from the 1980s and 1990s.

But we think they topped that this year. Take a look.

Mad Men

Reed liked this one because it “gives me an opportunity to dress like a good-looking man” when many of the costumes have him looking totally goofy. They both like this one because they got engaged just before they hosted a Mad Men-themed party, which became their engagement party. But Ronan struggled a bit with the leg crossing. “That suit is huge, but it’s so cute. He’s such a little goober trying to cross his legs. Getting a three-year-old to do the most basic things… he’s so awkward still at this age,” Kat says.

Austin Powers

Kat posed as each woman in that first photo. They shot it in front of a green screen at the public library in Toronto, where they were living at the time. The room was all windows, so everyone could see them. “You look like an insane person when you’re in front of a green screen.. I could see people in the library looking at me like I was crazy,” Kat says. Ronan didn’t really get the movie, but “we showed him a picture of Dr. Evil, and he gave us that face,” Kat says.


The Horths have always wanted to memorialize the ultimate Miami gangster movie. They had been living in Toronto for a few months before this shoot, so Kat “loaded [Reed] with self tanner” to give him that Tony Montana tan. They shot at a Miami home that they actually helped design. And that white dress? It’s Kat’s wedding dress, worn backwards. You’ll notice there’s no Ronan in these shots – they drew the line at including him in these photos, given the movie’s prevalence of drugs and violence.

Ode to the Arts

This was a natural choice for two art dealers. How stunning are the painting recreations? They’re planning to keep doing art recreations like these throughout the year.

Peter Pan

The biggest challenge for this one was getting the hat to stay on, says Kat.

The picture of Ronan flying is actually him standing on a sofa with one leg in the air. He’s jumping off a sofa in the Captain Hook picture. And yes, they made those backgrounds. We bet every kid is going to want to be in group projects with Ronan.

The Horths shot this one in the Coral Gables Country Club, which is owned by friends of theirs who happen to be huge Halloween fans as well – their friends own Castle Loma in Toronto too, and they turn it into a huge haunted house every year.

“We have 100 pictures of me making faces like that,” Kat says, referring to the first photo.

Wayne’s World

It was a real mission to keep that wig on Ronan for the Wayne’s World shoots – and he did not enjoy it. “We had to make fart noises every time to make him laugh,” Kat says.

So what’s their plan for next year? They’re totally open to your suggestions! Comment below if you’ve got an idea.