In the city, off the grid

Almost half a century ago, Ray Chasser bought a small piece of land in Little Haiti that was just big enough for him to play volleyball and have a garden. Today, Earth ‘n’ Us Farm is a three-acre tropical oasis with three organic gardens, a rentable treehouse, and lots of exotic animals. 

They’re all rescues, BTW. It’s become a certified wildlife habitat, has been classified as a learning center by the city of Miami, and has been featured by National Geographic.

QUOTABLE: “There’s probably about 100-300 people that pass through here every week. The first thing they can’t believe is that there’s no charge to get in and that the gates are always open.”  —Ray Chasser

CHECK IT OUT: Like Ray says, “The gates are always open.” You can stop by for a visit, drop off your compost, swing by for a vegan potluck every third Wednesday of the month, or join a Sunday volleyball game.