Miguel Angel Gabela

Our District 1 at this point in time needs a new beginning, new leadership. Right now, as we sit here today, our District 1 has a high crime rate, higher than last year. There has not been a new officer hired in the City Of Miami for over 3 years now and 350 officers have started to retire starting last month. This has created a vacuum for crime out of control. The city has not hired new officers and 350 are due to retire and the city continues to grow. This should be a concern to all of us that live in the city.

I have knocked on literally thousand and thousands of doors since my campaign started back in April of this year and most all of the residents agree that crime is out of control and seldom do they see a police presence. Our infrastructure, streets, sidewalks, etc. are poorly maintained and in need of repairs. In short, the people are telling me we need change and I believe I can be that change.