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🃏Get your dirty-minded friends together

We’re sure you’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity. If not, it’s basically Apples to Apples for adults. We created the Miami version a few years ago and now, by popular demand, we’re bringing it back.

How excited are we that it’s back? So excited that we can’t stop brainstorming card ideas on Slack when we should be working on this newsletter.

Join us tomorrow night at Space Called Tribe, where we’ll be challenging you and all your dirty-minded friends to a game of Miami Against Humanity: Death & Taxes. RSVP here.

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Did we make any meaningful progress on gun control legislation in the last 24 hours?

  • The call to ban assault weapons failed in both committees Tuesday. (Reminder: The same plan to ban assault weapons failed Monday too.)
  • The plan to arm some teachers with guns through a $67 million “marshal” program was added to the House bill through an amendment.
  • Gun control legislation passed fairly easily through the House and Senate Appropriations Committees but was mostly unchanged from Monday’s bills, so nothing new to report there. We explained that legislation in Tuesday’s newsletter.


There were some new proposals made by the House:

  • A ban on both the sale and possession of bump stocks
  • A commission that would study failures in the #ParklandShooting and previous mass shootings in an attempt to find possible solutions

So what’s next? There won’t be any more committee meetings, which means Senate Bill 7026 and House Bill 18-06 will likely remain the same, but amendments can still be proposed. It’ll just take extra effort from lawmakers looking to make changes.  Those bills will now be discussed by the full Senate and House.

Also, this is how we’re defining “progress” on gun control legislation: Any announced plan or direction that identifies specific policy changes or any filed or approved legislation. It can be  tricky to say a clear “yes” or “no” on any given day, but we’re going with what we think is the overall trend of decisions made that day.

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Race to the bottom. Ford began testing its self-driving cars in the 305 yesterday, which means we’re about to find out who are worse drivers: us or computers. We’re the first city to have Ford’s self-driving cars, which the county is way excited about because Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez thinks autonomous vehicles will save us from our traffic crisis. If this freaks you out, don’t worry: The pilot vehicles will include human backup drivers. (Miami Herald)

Like a boss. If you’ve been following the Parkland news, you’ve been following Emma Gonzalez. Harper’s Bazaar has the full download on the 17-year-old badass who’s been kicking ass and taking names on the national stage as she challenges politicians to do something on gun reform. Today, she has more Twitter followers than the NRA. (Harper’s Bazaar, POLITICO)

Face it. We’ll soon be the first airport in the U.S. to use facial recognition technology to speed things up at passport control. Travelers will hand over their passports, get their face scanned, and breeze through (as long as the passport and face match). Score. (SFBJ)

Cash money. Since Feb. 14, the day of the Parkland shooting, the Florida Retirement System Pension Plan has made about $179,000 from its investments in gun manufacturing companies. It’s not much money in the big picture, but it comes amid pressure to divest the pension fund from those companies – something some other state pension plans have done in the wake of mass shootings. (SFBJ)

Skeptical. The NRA and Gov. Rick Scott were real buds for a long time. But since the Parkland shooting, Scott has thrown some real curveballs, like disagreeing with the plan to arm teachers. Now, he’s getting praise from Florida’s largest teachers union and shade from the NRA. But politics news site Politico isn’t buying it – it says a lot of this might be him trying to play to centrist voters as he prepares for a potential run against U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson in 2018.

Keeping it in the fam. A family-owned money laundering operation working out of an airport lounge skimmed a few mil off airport revenue. How? By diverting funds for airport lounge vouchers into their own accounts, rather than the aviation department. And get this: They did it for YEARS before they got caught. (Miami Herald)

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Things to do

Check out this event from our advertiser, New World Symphony.

🙉 New World Symphony presents Double Take One night only: Join NWS Fellow as they take you inside the mind of a musician, engage your senses and transform how you listen to music.


☠ 3/1: Miami Against Humanity: Death and Taxes (Overtown)

🎸 3/2:  Get folksy on Friday at the Yard (Wynwood)

💃 3/16: Celebrate Miami’s epic street trasitions at “Avenues of Expression” (Use promo code “NewTropic” for free entry!) (Downtown)

FIESTA! Concrete Beach Brewery's annual block party in Wynwood! Live music, local bites and release of Miami Gras, a Honey Juniper Saison! Learn More ».
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Keep working on your dirty jokes for tomorrow night.

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