🐓 A tale of a rowdy rescue rooster
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🐓 A tale of a rowdy rescue rooster

Snaps from the Little Havana and North Miami #MiamiWalks tours.


Everyone’s talking about the August and November elections, but there’s an important local election on May 22: the race for the District 5 county commission seat.

The district, which is drawn in a kinda weird way, covers Little Havana, Downtown Miami, South Beach and most of Mid and North Beach. Here’s where you can find your nearest early voting spots and see a sample ballot.

We’ve got answers to a couple of the FAQs below. Checkout the whole primer here and stay tuned for Q&As with all the candidates ahead of the start of early voting on May 12.


The short answer: Commissioner Bruno Barreiro created a vacancy when he stepped down from his seat in order to run for the congressional seat being vacated by U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

The longer answer: Barreiro stepped down because of a change in Florida law that forced him to resign in order to run. Several state and local politicians had to decide whether to give up their current office to run for the seat.

The county commission could have  appointed a replacement, but instead it opted for an election. Now every voter in District 5 will have a say.


May 22. Early voting starts May 12.


Zoraida Barreiro, Alex Diaz de la Portilla, Carlos Garin and Eileen Higgins. We’ll have much more info on them soon, but here’s some background from the Miami Herald.


It covers parts of the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, plus Fisher Island.

In Miami it covers: Downtown, Brickell Key, the northeast chunk of Brickell, The Roads, Shenandoah, Grapeland and Little Havana.

In Miami Beach it covers all of the city from South Pointe up to 69th Street, plus Hibiscus, Palm and Star Islands.

Not sure you’re in the district? Check this map.


We’ll be interviewing all the candidates this week. Let us know what you want to know about them and their positions. Just hit reply to this newsletter or hit us up at [email protected] by 5 p.m. today.

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Will this time be different? A video of a Miami police officer running and kicking a man who was on the ground being handcuffed sparked fresh debate over excessive force by police. The officer  was suspended with pay but Miami Police Chief Jorge Colina wants the state attorney’s office to investigate the incident as a crime. City of Miami Mayor Francis Suarez called for review of the department’s discipline policies, especially when there’s video evidence. Commissioner Keon Hardemon is pretty skeptical the officer will face any serious charges. (Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Keon Hardemon via Twitter)

Rooster ruckus. The seemingly sweet story of a rooster being saved from a Santería ceremony has turned into a nightmare for his neighbors in Silver Bluff West. Payo apparently crows suuuper early in the morning and picks on neighborhood dogs and cats (and their owners). It’s so bad that it inspired a thread on Next Door. Now, Payo’s owner said he’s hoping to find a good home for him on a farm in Homestead or Hialeah. (Miami Herald)

Closer to closure. The shooting deaths of Miami Northwestern student Kimson Green and former student Rickey Dixon led to student walkouts at the school and sparked national attention on addressing gun violence in Liberty City. On Saturday, Miami police arrested two suspects in the case and the department plans to give an update on the case today. (Miami Herald)

Get these kids to Broadway. Publix holds a special place in the hearts of most Floridians, but the kids and staff from Harrison School of the Arts in Lakeland take it to a whole new level. The Lakeland Chamber of Commerce (the home city of our beloved Publix) reached out to the school for ideas on how to honor founder George Jenkins in a cool way and they pitched a play. Two years later, the musical became a reality. (WLRN)

Give it up. For nearly two months there’s been more questions than answers about what caused the FIU pedestrian bridge collapse, and now The Miami Herald is suing to get records from the Florida Department of Transportation. FDOT argues that they can only give up records created before Feb. 19, because more recent documents are part of the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation. Stay tuned.

Stopping the hand that feeds. Pastor Frank Diaz says that his nearly decade-long practice of feeding the homeless in Overtown is being blocked by Miami police. He says that the neighborhood community redevelopment agency is trying to stop the practice so they can woo development in the area. but a Miami police commander said they’re responding to neighbor complaints about rotting food that is attracting pests. The move comes as Miami’s commission considers removing the Pottinger agreement, the 1998 settlement that protects the homeless from arrest for things like sleeping in the street and littering, and as the neighborhood experiences a surge of developer interest. (Miami New Times)

Uhhh…qué? Mr. Worldwide and Enrique Iglesias have teamed up to pitch the world (read: men) on moving to Miami. Their case? You’ll fall in love with our women and partying every night. It’s unclear if this “Move to Miami” song is an official tourism ad, but we think Miami’s got a lot more going for ourselves than that. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a remix. (Miami.com)


If you’re looking for a little #MusicMonday inspo, check out this list of 15 essential Miami songs, including 2 Live Crew, Miami Sound Machine, The Doors and more. Or you could just watch/listen to Childish Gamboni’s “This is America” again and again. Not that we did that yesterday. 

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