🌊 Feeling the sea level rise scaries?
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🌊 Feeling the sea level rise scaries?

Still looking back at the weekend like...


We’re working on a series of stories about home buying in Miami, and we have our next question for you: Do you think buying in Miami is a good investment considering climate change and its effects on the city?

Studies have painted a bleak picture for the future of Miami’s low-lying areas, and recent research from Harvard shows that the gloom and doom is already reducing selling prices for some homes near the waterAnd value on those properties is gaining more slowly than areas on higher ground.

Did sea-level rise factor into where you bought your house? Or are you totally uninterested in buying a house in Miami because of climate change? Hit reply to tell us how you feel and we may follow up to interview you for our story. (Or if you know someone with a unique experience to share, tell them to get in touch at [email protected]).

Plus, check out the first story in our series in which we talked with Miamians about how they decided to stop renting and buy a house in the 305.

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It’s Day 8 of the 10 Days of Connection. Last night we had a great conversation via Facebook Live with three women who are navigating the transition from prison to everyday life. Today, we’re plunging right into the last three days of this wonderful experiment.


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A deadly oversight. New photos and documents released by FIU show that there were cracks in a support truss for the pedestrian bridge and engineers were aware of it at least 10 days before hoisting the bridge over Southwest 8th Street, where it ultimately collapsed and killed six people. Outside engineering experts say that the cracks were a clear enough red flag that the company should have halted work on the bridge for further review. (Miami Herald)

Parkland reversal. After initially denying that Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooter Nikolas Cruz was assigned to a Broward disciplinary program before the Feb. 14 shooting, officials admitted Sunday that Cruz was referred to the “PROMISE” program back in 2013. The program, designed to be an alternative to the criminal justice system for certain misdemeanors committed by students, has been criticized for allowing a relaxed attitude on crime. Survivors also think it’s another example of the district’s lack of preparation for the tragic shooting.  (WLRN)

From scrutiny to Shine. As more information comes out about the Feb. 14 shooting, survivors and students continue to pay tribute to those who lost their lives, including through song. The music video for the student-written song “Shine” was released last week and proceeds from downloads will go toward supporting Shine MSD–a nonprofit established to use arts programs to help students deal with the trauma of the February tragedy. (Sun-Sentinel)

Welcome back, Washington Ave. As you head south down Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, you’ll notice that the clubs start to disappear and it starts to get a little shady looking, with lots of vacant shops and dark windows instead. Last month, Miami Beach approved a business improvement district designation for a stretch of the street (from 5th to 17th Streets) in hopes of sprucing it up (Miami Herald)

Taking a stand. We’re not the only ones with sea level rise on our mind – the editorial boards of South Florida’s major local newspapers (the Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post and Sun-Sentinel) are teaming up with  WLRN for a project called The Invading Sea. Each paper will publish the same editorials about climate change and sea level rise, and they plan to use the momentum to push candidates on the issue in the upcoming midterm elections.

So sick. A recent study by the Commonwealth Fund doesn’t shine a great light on the Sunshine State when it comes to healthcare access. Florida ranks 48th out of the 50 states and Washington D.C. when it comes to access and 49th when measuring the disparity between rich and poor Floridians. No bueno 😷(Miami New Times)

Farm-to-false. Icebox Cafe might have to change up its marketing strategy now that the restaurant is facing a lawsuit from state Attorney General Pam Bondi. In her lawsuit she claims that the business has made “misleading claims” about having fresh and locally sourced ingredients in everything from signature cocktails to menu items. The restaurant’s owner, Robert Siegmann, said that the business makes those claims based on the information from vendors and the he planned to review the allegations. (Miami Herald)


But if you wanna flashback to the glory days of Washington Avenue before you get on with your day, here’s a little taste from the Miami Herald archives.

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