People to know in South Beach

South Beach’s rep for playing host to wonderfully weird characters is probably internationally known — and yes, there are plenty of those. It’s a pretty transient place, filled with tourists and people who make a home there for a couple of years before retreating to a quieter part of Miami. But vibrant micro-communities, like the Jewish and the LGBT communities, have stuck around for decades, and together all these people make it one of the most diverse, eclectic neighborhoods in all of Miami-Dade.

We've all been there, towed and carless on Miami Beach. We asked you to tell us your heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, funny but not really stories about being towed in Miami Beach. And man, you all delivered.

Tucked between a pizza place and a late-night diner, you just might stumble into Miami's quirkiest museum. It's full of objects collected by one man who has lived all around the world.

Robert "Raven" Kraft has ran eight miles on the South Beach sand every single day since Jan. 1 1975, and he's sort of a staple of the neighborhood. Here's what a day in his life is like.

When you picture the South Beach boardwalk, you picture skaters in bikinis and cutoff shorts. Meet Amit Klein, who has made it his mission to make that part of that South Beach life.

Ever wonder how to make a mezcal cocktail? Here's a step-by-step guide , as told by gifs.