Seth Sklarey

Why are you running?

I have always been an active participant in my community.

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing Miami right now?

Overdevelopment without concurrency or supportive infrastructure.

What are some of the solutions you would propose?

Better planning, more honest elected officials and city staff.

Imagine we gave you a $100 budget. How would you spend those $100?

Please share a few words about how you would tackle the some of the following challenges:

Poverty and the low median wage: Increase minimum wage to $15/hour immediately. Sign community benefit agreements, living wage ordinance and local hire first requirements. Implement apprenticeship programs through public schools and unions. Increase education opportunities, free public colleges and universities. Scholarships.

The high cost of rent/real estate: Use tax increment financing of CRA’s as it was intended: to reduce slums and blight instead of add profits for wealthy developers. Follow Professoer Frank Schnidman’s recommendations (FAU study).

Congestion and transit options: Brickell-area tunnels and ramps directly to I-95. Staggered work time start and stops, delivery schedule for commercial businesses during non-rush hour. Improved, reasonable parking. Improve public transportation, ride-sharing, bicycle to work, mag-lev people movers, movable sidewalks, water taxis, private jitneys, electric ride share vehicles and multi-person carts to high-volume areas. And a hundred other ideas I have.

Climate change and environmental damage: Stop gas and diesel burning cars, stop polluting atmosphere with tobacco smoke, carbon-burning vehicles, hydrofluorocarbons and flatulent cows. Stop decimating the world rain forests, plant more trees, and raise low lying areas and infrastructure close to rising waterways. Raise low lying structures above mean water line.

Transparency in government and access to open data: Start by enforcing the open records law. Make government more transparent. Install 24/7 cameras viewable on the internet of all government building and offices. Televise all governments activities on internet and  make available by archive. Put all government data digitized and available for viewing 24/7. Make body camera video immediately available not 30 days wait as proposed. Stop hiding info and meeting behind closed doors.