What issues affect Coconut Grove?

As one of the oldest communities in Miami, Coconut Grove is chock-ful of historic structures. While some like The Barnacle have been meticulously preserved, others like the Coconut Grove Playhouse and the Mariah Brown House were left to decay and deteriorate. Devoting time and resources to preserve the history of Groves settlers from all walks to life remains a challenge and begs the question, “Whose history is worth honoring?” This becomes even more difficult as developers turn their gaze to West Grove, where many face possible displacement.

Miami is experiencing a cultural renaissance and Olga Granda-Scott wants the Coconut Grove Playhouse to be a part of it.

Coconut Grove is one of Miami's most historic neighborhoods. But a trend of demolitions has sparked controversy over what's worth saving and at what cost?

Everyone says West Grove is headed toward a revival. But will it include the people who built the neighborhood?

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