We mapped out your best memories of 2016.

Last week we asked you to share the photos and stories behind the memories you made in 2016. You sent us dozens. It gave us all the feels. We mapped them all out across the city for you to explore. Take a tour of 2016 through your neighbors’ eyes.

The memories come from as far west as The Everglades and as far east as the tip of Key Biscayne. There are a lot of sunsets, a lot of beach shots, a bit of Zika, some beautiful weddings, and a lot of achievements unlocked (5Ks, store openings, proposals). There’s even two lizards having sex on someone’s back patio. Because Miami.

If you signed with your name when you submitted, we included it. If not you’ll just remain a beautiful stranger. Enjoy, and thanks for the memories!


  • Mariana Santos

    Amazing project! <3

  • Rebecca Wakefield

    Thanks for using so many of my images! They weren’t meant to be anonymous, so please add my name (Rebecca Wakefield). Here’s to another startling year in Miami…

    • Roshan

      Thank you for all of your memories! Unfortunately once it’s published we can’t make changes to this Storymap but really appreciate you sharing them with us 🙂