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What it means that Obama just ended ‘wet foot, dry foot’

The gist of it: Cubans are going to face the same policies that other immigrants now face. Mostly.

Cuba / January 12, 2017

How has your life changed since Trump was elected?

Yesterday Donald Trump held the first press conference since he was elected in November. On Jan. 20, he’ll be inaugurated as president. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no question that he’s already doing things differently than his predecessors – and that means changes for all of us. It’s been a crazy couple […]

Political Issues / January 11, 2017

We’ll never get tired of hearing Barry Jenkins talk about making Moonlight in Miami

Here he is at the Golden Globes, telling the world why it mattered to make the film here.

Art / January 9, 2017

Miami leaders talking resolutions and predictions for 2017

We’ve got them all down on paper so you can hold them to these January promises all year long.

People / January 5, 2017

Francis Suarez: We’ll get started on two new rail lines in 2017

As Miami gets denser, Suarez says the City will look into making developers pay to help ease that gridlock.

People / January 3, 2017

You’re probably tired of politics. Too bad, says Justin Wales. 2017 is going to matter in Miami.

He’s optimistic about transportation and gender equity. He’s less optimistic about sea level rise and affordability issues.

People / January 2, 2017

Marco Rubio’s bosses have something to say to him.

Progressive activists in Florida want to remind Sen. Marco Rubio, who won the popular vote in South Florida, who he works for.

Political Issues / January 2, 2017

‘No more talk’: The county chairman vows some legit action on transportation in 2017

But for that to happen, Bovo says the county commission needs to show a little unity.

People / January 1, 2017

We took a look back at what happened (and didn’t happen) in 2016

We asked some of the people who are molding our neighborhoods, our art scene, and the tech ecosystem to reflect on how far we came in the last 12 months

Art / December 28, 2016