Inside Miami’s only Ethiopian restaurant

Ethiopia is nearly 8,000 miles from Miami, but a quick trip to Miami Gardens is all you need to find some authentic Ethiopian cuisine.

Eka Wassel has been cooking since she was 15 years old, and just two years ago, she and her husband opened Awash, Miami’s only Ethiopian restaurant — where they serve Eka’s family recipes.

A crowd pleaser is the Taste of Awash platter, which tops an airy, gluten-free pancake called “injera” with an assortment of vegetable and meat stews called “wats.”

New to Ethiopian cuisine? Don’t worry. Eka will explain everything. She’ll even provide utensils — if you ask for them.

FUN FACT: Every weekend afternoon they host a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony, where the beans are hand-roasted over a charcoal stove, ground, and served to order.

Check out our video to learn more about Awash.

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