County Referendum 2: The county resign-to-run law

The second referendum proposes a change to a county law similar to the state’s resign-to-run law.

Here’s the official wording:

The charter currently requires that county appointed officials or employees qualifying to run for federal, state or municipal elective office take a leave of absence and, if elected, immediately forfeit their county position. Shall the charter be amended to limit this restriction to only apply to county officials and employees who qualify as a candidate for certain county elected offices?

As it stands right now, a county employee or person appointed to a county position has to resign their current position before they can run for any federal, state or other municipal office.

This referendum would change that requirement, only requiring them to resign their seats if they’re running for a different county position. This change would also allow the person to return to their position if they’re unsuccessful in their campaign.

The change would open things up for more county employees and officials to seek political office beyond the county.

If you vote yes, you’re approving a change to the county charter that would only require county employees and appointed officials to leave their positions if they run for county office.

If you vote no, you’re supporting continuing to require those county employees and appointed officials step down if they run for any federal, state or other municipal office.